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Heidelberg Cement news


HeidelbergCement joins Foundation 2°

The company has joined Foundation 2°, a network of entrepreneurs for progressive climate policy, in hopes of making climate protection a sustainable and successful business model.


HeidelbergCement shares Q3 results

The company has shared its promising Q3 results, and anticipates that operating EBITDA for the full year 2020 will be above the previous year.


HeidelbergCement shares ‘Beyond 2020’ strategy

The company is presenting its new strategy ‘Beyond 2020’ at this year's Capital Markets Day. Key elements of the strategy are new medium-term financial and sustainability targets that the Group aims to achieve by 2025.


HeidelbergCement shares half-year results

Despite the weak demand in many countries due to the coronavirus and the corresponding declines in revenue, the result from the company’s current operations remained almost at the level of the previous year.