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China cement news


The future of Chinese cement production

Li Kunming, China Cement Net Big Data Study Institute, and Ma Qingfang, WCA Beijing Office, outline the developmental trends in the Chinese cement sector, offering insights into the challenges and opportunities facing Chinese operators in the future.


Answering China's efficiency ambitions

Dr. Rodrigo Gomez, Mr. Chen Yunqing, and Eric Song, thyssenkrupp Polysius, explain the efficiency benefits that have lead to one burner design achieving a 50% market share in China's high-performance cement production lines.


Dealing with dust in Deyang

W. L. Gore & Associates share how a dust collection system upgrade helped improve environmental results, reduce operating costs and increase productivity for the Lisen Cement Plant in Deyang, China


Fine China

Fu Lijuan, China National Building Materials Exhibition & Trade Centre (CBME), and Tian Guiping & Cui Yuansheng, Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials Industry of China (ITIBMIC), discuss the development status and future prospects of China’s cement industry.