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What's behind waste heat recovery?

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Tao Junpu, Sinoma-EC, provides details on the latest technologies being implemented in SRC-based WHR systems and highlights the benefits offered by the less common ORC-based WHR systems.

Waste heat recovery (WHR) power generation technology refers to a technology that recovers and utilises waste heat and gas from industrial processes involving cement, steel, coking, carbon, industrial silicon, and gas turbines, and pipes this to a WHR boiler to generate steam, propel a turbine, and generate electrical power.

In a cement plant, the source of the waste heat often includes the waste gas from the preheater outlet, hot air from the cooler vent, radiation heat from the rotary kiln, and the waste gas from the bypass system, if there is one.

There are two main categories of WHR technology on the market; the steam Rankine cycle system (SRC) and the organic Rankine cycle system (ORC). Their working principles are the same as both are based on the Rankine cycle but they utilise different working media. For the SRC system, the working medium is water and steam, which is suitable for plants with a plentiful supply of clean water. Whereas, the ORC system, due to the working medium being thermal oil and organic fluid, is especially suitable for plants with a shortage of water. For cement plants, which should have waste gas temperatures lower than 400°C, the efficiencies of both are almost exactly the same.

As a leader in the field of WHR power generation, Sinoma Energy Conservation Limited (Sinoma-EC) uses the concept of ‘making good use of resources to serve construction’, and has designed and matched low-temperature waste heat power generation systems for more than 400 cement kiln production lines in China and other countries around the world. Sinoma-EC was one of the earliest Chinese companies to enter the international market. In recent years, the third-generation technology developed by Sinoma-EC has worked to make ‘efficient’, ‘intelligent’, ‘reliable’, and ‘green’ the new labels of waste heat power generation plants.

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