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Solutions that you can build on: part two

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As a system supplier, Beumer Group develops solutions perfectly adapted to meet cement plant requirements.

Solutions that you can build on: part two

Not too much, not too little - the optimal filling

For filling cement into bags, Beumer Group offers the Beumer fillpac. It uses rotating filling spouts to fill any type of cement into different bag types. It can be individually integrated into already existing packaging lines and adapted to specific parameters. Specific weighing electronics are utilised to ensure weight accuracy of the bags. There are practically no rejects caused by too high or too low filling weights. The weighing unit communicates permanently with the filler neck via specific software. The automatic bag weight control determines the exact filling weight while filling. This way the machine always achieves accurate degrees of filling. The entire packaging line works more efficiently now as it is no longer necessary to remove bags with an incorrect weight from the material flow. In addition, the quantity indicated on the bag always corresponds to the real volume.

Beumer Group offers this construction series both as air and turbine filling machines. The turbine process is the perfect solution for fine-grained materials such as cement. The result is filled bags which are compact and dimensionally stable so that the user is no longer required to vent them. Depending on the task, BEUMER Group offers BEUMER fillpac R with six, eight, ten, twelve, 16 or 20 spouts. The smallest version fills up to 1800 50 kilogram bags or 2250 25 kilogram bags per hour, the biggest version fills up to 6000 50 kilogram bags or 7500 25 kilogram bags, and all of the machines can be used for diverse bag types. In order to fill HDPE bags reliably Beumer Group offers the Beumer bag placer as an exclusive feature. The filling impeller is characterised by its speed and maximum material throughput. Beumer Group also offers the turbine filling machines with inline design. The filling modules are placed next to each other for ready access, which makes them extremely easy to maintain. The inline filling machines are best suited for production environments with low throughput rates.

Onto the truck bed

With the Beumer autopac, Beumer Group offers a system that loads cement bags directly from the filling machine onto the truck bed without manual intervention. Bags can be palletised automatically in stacked rows or patterns – without using pallets. Depending on the performance class, the system stacks between 2400 and 3000 50 kilogram bags per hour. The loading height, including the height of the truck bed, can be up to 3.5 meters. The user can freely select the formation of the layers depending on bag size and bag material.

The machine can load bags in double patterns of five or ten bags. In order to attain a high degree of stability for the whole load on the truck, and in order to optimally utilize the truck bed, two mirror-inverted layers are always stacked next to one another. The bags are flattened by the loading process using two stacked belt conveyors, which releases the air from the bags. After being positioned, the bags are also pressed by the loading head, which makes the stack more compact and more stable. The bag feeding lines can be adjusted to the installation conditions. Corresponding technical solutions are available for variable conveyor lines. Unlike on the systems where bags are suctioned and lifted, the bags are not deformed by the Beumer autopac. In contrast with loading and palletising systems from other manufacturers, the Beumer autopac is equipped exclusively with electrical drive units in its standard design. This means significantly less maintenance costs for the user. On vacuum drive units and hydraulic drive units, leaks that pollute the load and the system are inevitable. Additionally, the energy-intensive vacuum pumps and hydraulic drive units require additional cooling units, a fact that clearly increases the purchase and operating costs, as well as the energy consumption. The Beumer autopac uses just 0.15 kilowatts per hour at full capacity. The drive units and machine parts are clearly arranged and easily accessible. This facilitates maintenance considerably.

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