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VIRINA Steel’s Nano Steel: Part Two

World Cement,

Having consistent hardness from surface to core results in more efficient grinding and higher production. As VIRINA balls experience wear in the grinding process over time, they retain their strength and shape. This results in VIRINA maintaining a high level of grinding efficiency. This allows more of the energy that used in the grinding process to be utilized on grinding the product. Traditional grinding media that gets softer towards the core, will experience accelerated wear rates and ball deformation. VIRINA customers have reported seeing an increase in the fineness of the cement they producing due to the wear properties of the Nano Steel balls.

VIRINA customers have reported significant improvements during testing of VIRINA Nano Steel Grinding Media. One customer has seen a 4.2% improvement in electricity consumption by reducing the weight of the balls in the mill. In addition to the energy savings, there was a savings from the reduction of 19 MT for the charge in the mill.

  • VS uses 7.5% less balls in weight 
  • VS load 240 MT 
  • Competitor load 259 MT 
  • VS power consumption 4.4% less 
  • VS 42.37 kwh/t with average current of 388A 
  • Competitor 44.23 kwh/t with average current of 400A

Efficiency improvements resulting from VIRINA Nano Steel grinding media’s properties, which minimize cracking and deformation has shown an increase in production output by 8.5%.

  • VS average output is 8.5% greater 
  • VS Average output 127.97 tph 
  • Competitor average output - 117.98 tph

Wear rates show significant improvements due to the microstructure advantages of VIRINA Nano Steel. Customers have experienced wear rate improvements in both wet and dry mills. One US customer measured a wear rate improvement of 28% over their previous media.

Current energy rebates can multiply the value of switching to VIRIA Nano Steel Grinding Media. Many United States based utilities are offering rebates for projects that show an improvement in energy consumption. The efficiencies provided by utilising VIRINA Steel Nano Steel Technology provides significant savings that qualify for the rebates offered by these programs. VIRINA Customers experience energy savings through lower energy consumption and the energy savings from improved production efficiency. The rebates are typically an amount equal to the annual savings up to 50% of the cost of the project. When adding the operational savings with the rebate, the savings associated with implementing VIRINA Nano Steel Grinding Media becomes even greater.

VIRINA Steel Nano Steel is changing the way that ball performance is measured. Rather than utilising the traditional method of adding additional chromium to increase hardness, VIRINA has changes the grain structure of their Nano Steel to gain a performance advantage. The VIRINA Steel manufacturing process allows for the production of steel that has high HRC rating yet maintains ductility, which significantly reduces cracking.

Customers utilising VIRINA products have experienced several benefits by switching to VIRINA Nano Steel technology. The improved properties of VIRINA Nano steel have the following benefits:

  • Maintain round shape and consistent hardness o Improved grinding efficiency 
  • 8.5% improvement in production in tph* 
  • Increased fineness of cement 
  • Decrease in deformation and cracking o Higher grinding efficiency o Lowered maintenance and screen cleaning 
  • Low Chrome Content o Decreased chrome from ball wear introduced into process  
  • VIRINA less than three tenths of 1% compared to competitors 14% - 25% 
  • Capability to reduce weight of balls in the mill o Lowered cost of media used o 7.5% reduction in media loaded into mill* 
  • Reduced energy consumed by mill o 4.2% reduction in energy consumed* 
  • Reduced wear on equipment 
  • Improved production output 
  • 8.5% improvement in production in tph
  • Improved energy consumption 
  • Lowered production cost per ton 
  • Improved wear rate 
  • 28% reduction in ball wear* 
  • Lowered cost for media consumed o Increased time between top-off 
  • Increased time between sorting and refresh

*Specific results reported by VIRINA customers

Article written forWorld Cement by Virina Steel

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