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Mole•Master™: The Solution to Lost Silo Storage Capacity and Lost Income

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Reduced storage capacity can drastically affect the bottom line of cement processers at a time when profit margins are already strained by labor shortages and rising inflation. Many cement processers even operate silos with significantly reduced capacity for extended periods, resulting in a long-term profit reduction. Mole•Master™ understands that cement silos, terminals and kilns are large capital investments that lose a significant portion of their operational value relative to the level of storage capacity that is compromised.

Armed with nearly 40 years of experience in cement silo and bin cleanout projects in 30+ countries, Mole•Master™ technicians conquer even the most challenging cement silo cleanout projects. Proprietary tools and proven methods in the hands of these skilled technicians solve lost storage capacity issues and reduce downtime safely, effectively and efficiently.

The Right Tools for Each Silo Cleanout Project

No two cement silo cleanout projects are identical. Mole•Master™ takes a “Degree-of-Difficulty” approach when evaluating silo and bin cleanout projects to determine which of its proprietary tools and equipment will be most effective for the task at hand. These include the Junior 360°™ whip machine, the Arch•Master™ portable auger system, the Safe-T-Shot™ CO2 blasting system and the turnkey (and legendary) Big•Mole™ service.

Arch•Master™ Portable Auger System


Faster and easier than other methods, the Arch•Master™ is a tough, portable, miniaturized rock drill that easily breaks through arched or bridged material. The Arch•Master™ easily unlocks hardened or deaerated cement. A high-torque, variable-speed hydraulic power head and heavy-duty 3” to 6” augers drill through even the hardest material while all-aluminum construction eliminates sparking. At slightly over 7’ 4” in height, the system is easily portable and ideal for do-it-yourself cleanout projects.

Junior 360°™ Whip Machine


When silo cleanout projects contain build-up with an existing flow channel, the Junior 360°™ is the answer. Available in pneumatic and hydraulic models, the 360°™ whip machine features a durable cutting head with up to four whips or chains. Powered by compressed air (JR360P) or hydraulics (JR360H), the Junior 360°™ is safely controlled from outside the silo. The powerful cleaning head is lowered from the silo roof and spins to contact built-up material and quickly dislodge it. The compact head means the Junior 360°™ can fit into extremely small flow channels without any reduction in cleaning capacity or power. Remarkably portable, the Junior 360°™ is ideal for do-it-yourself silo cleaning projects.

Safe-T-Shot™ CO2 Blasting System

The Safe-T-Shot™ CO2 blasting system easily removes hardened or cement and clinker. Three tons of material can be dislodged in a one powerful shot. The Safe-T-Shot™ system removes build-up and keeps material flowing, ideal when facilities remain online. The system develops a 25,000-psi stream of carbon dioxide that quickly breaks through hydrated cement or other hardened materials.

Big•Mole™ Silo Cleanout System

The most challenging cement silo cleanout jobs require the proprietary Big•Mole™ System. This turnkey silo cleanout approach offers several important advantages. Complete recovery of valuable material is possible in most instances and storage vessels are restored to 100% of their planned capacity. The Big•Mole™ System is so efficient that jobs that could otherwise take weeks or months can be completed in days. The system uses unique, non-sparking equipment that is ideal for potentially hazardous environments and is a dry process, so no liquids or expensive cleanup are needed.

Cement Silo Inspection Services

Silo and bin inspections maximize productivity, efficiency, and safety. Mole•Master™ harnesses the power of nearly 40 years of experience in more than 33 countries to approach every silo and bin inspection project. Structural engineers use both visual and audible tools, and core sampling if needed, to establish an accurate assessment of the condition of each silo. These inspections are followed up with a detailed, written report that summarizes observations and recommendations for cleaning or repair.

Mole•Master™ Safety: Always First

Both field and classroom training are continuous at Mole•Master™ because ongoing training ensures an unwavering focus on the absolute safest methods and procedures. The safety-first culture at Mole•Master™ sets the industry standard in silo cleaning. Each Mole•Master™ technician must undergo the most rigorous training, to meet or exceed OSHA and MSHA guidelines.

Learn more about Mole•Master™ and its proven methods that helps keep cement producers operating at full capacity and full profitability at

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