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Donaldson launches latest dust collector

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Form follows function: until a few years ago, this design maxim was still of secondary importance in filtration technology. Round bag filters and cartridge were the standard in dust filtration. The housing and cleaning methods matched this traditional shape of filters. In recent years, however, there has been a clear trend towards application-oriented solutions, based on innovative shaping.

The Downflo oval dust collector with its oval cartridges was a crucial step in the improvement of filtration performance. This was followed by the PowerCore technology, which saw new standards in both shaping and in housing design, as well as allowing for a significantly more compact system design. These dust collectors are up to 70% more compact than conventional dust collectors. Changing the filter pack also takes only one fifth of the time in a direct comparison.

The latest development from Donaldson is the Downflo Evolution (DFW) dust collector, which increases cleaning performance with lower differential pressure, as well as easy handling maintenance, according to the Bloomington-based company.

With the DFE, Donaldson engineers have developed a filter cartridge with the shape of a rounded triangle. These ‘triagonal’ cartridge filters with Ultra-Web filter media “guarantee perfect airflow conditions”, according to Donaldson, while the filter cakes can be removed effectively using the automatic, compressed air-saving MaxPulse pulse cleaning system.

In addition, the new design of the filter cartridges has resulted in more compact dimensions for the dust collector and thus in an “outstanding output density”, Donaldson said. Depending on the application, the number of cartridges can be reduced by up to 40% in comparison with conventional cartridge filter systems. Meanwhile, quick release fasteners on the triagonal cartridge filters can be opened and closed without the need for any tools – increasing the ease of maintenance.

The Downflo Evolution dust collector was developed in accordance with practical needs and permits used in a wide spectrum of applications for volumetric flows from 2500 to 150 000 m3/hr.

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