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Ordinary cement becomes micro cement with the admixture Kalmatron KC

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Kalmatron® KC is a powdered admixture to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) to upgrade its performance and features to the class of Micro Cements. The lower the grade of the cement used, the higher the effectiveness of KC.

For example, adding 1 kg of the KC admixture to 1000kg of Type I Ordinary Portland Cement produces Type IV Low Heat Portland Cement.

Features of KC:

  • KC is dosed by 1% from weight of the OPC (10Kg of KC per 1000Kg of cement).
  • KC performance does not depend on how finely the cement is ground.
  • KC brings highest economical value to OPC.
  • Reduces shrinkage by up to 50% - less than 400 microstrain.

Benefits of Using KC:

  • Upgrades low-active cements up to the highest modifications.
  • Upgrades abandoned cements after their shelf life has long expired.
  • Concrete made with KC HP Cement is non-shrinking and water impermeable, and does not require curing.

The production of high quality Portland cements is expensive because of fine grinding and longer time burning in the kiln, cooling, etc.

On the other hand, KC is simple to use by mixing with the cement during the last stage of the standard production cycle. Selective test of pre-admixed KC with the worst cement in the plant results in a highly modified type of cement in accordance with ASTM classification.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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