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Caterpillar has launched the new 980M and 982M wheel loaders

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Caterpillar has launched the new 982M wheel loader. The new model has an enhanced drive train, reinforced frames and a longer linkage, with payloads ranging from 9 t to 11.4 t of shot rock in aggregate applications. The 982M is suited for loading large on-highway trucks in quarry yards, small rigid trucks in quarry pits and large articulated trucks on construction sites. It can also boost production and fuel efficiency in coal handling and industrial applications. The loader comes with a full range of bucket sizes and types plus other available work tools, providing a new option in this size class.

Productivity and fuel efficiency

The 980M and 982M powertrains both have lock-up clutch torque converters and have been matched with the engine power and hydraulics to improve performance and fuel efficiency. They have a new split-flow oil system and use multi-viscosity oil to improve fuel economy. The 982M comes with the heavy duty 17 in. planetary transmission. Deep system integration of the new features and further axle and hydraulic improvements result in up to 10% lower fuel consumption compared to the 980K.

Changes to the axles contribute to lower fuel consumption due to lower oil levels and bevel gear shrouds, which reduce churning losses from rotating components. New external caliper disc parking brakes are mounted to the input shaft of the front axles; caliper parking brakes have a higher capacity than the drum brakes used on the 980K and are easily accessible for inspection and service. Since they are external, they do not have the inefficiencies of enclosed wet parking brakes, due to brake discs running in oil, and the results are reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

The 980M and 982M hydraulic systems also have significant design changes. The main hydraulic valve is now a mono-block with an integrated ride control section. The mono-block design reduces weight, has 40% fewer leak points and is common across all M Series models. The new ride control system has two accumulators, enabling it to be more effective over a greater payload range, increasing productivity and operator efficiency. An auxiliary third hydraulic function can be added at the factory or in the field with the addition of a second remote valve.

The 982M has larger lift and tilt cylinders than the 980M due to the new longer lift arm and for the larger payloads it is designed to handle. The hydraulic service centre for the 980M and 982M is virtually identical to the rest of the M Series product line, making maintenance works easier. Fuel tanks on the 980M and 982M have been relocated under the engine, facilitating refilling from ground level.

Hydraulic system components on the 980M and 982M are protected by full flow and kidney-loop filtration. A filter in the hydraulic tank return line filters all of the oil returning to the tank. A case drain screen has been installed for additional protection and a separate kidney-loop filter with a finer micron rating continuously filters smaller particles out of the system. This multilevel design ensures that the hydraulic oil is clean and protects the rest of the hydraulic system from contamination. A new thermal bypass valve has also been added to improve hydraulic system warm-up.

Operator efficiency

Improving operator efficiency remains a key design goal for the 980M and 982M. Ensuring that operators have safe and easy operating environments contributes to lower operator fatigue and better performance. A switch has been added to the electronic service centre for unlatching the door by remote and grab handles have been repositioned so a secure three points of contact can be maintained at all times.

Inside the cab, a new door securely seals against the new roll formed ROPS posts and the lower glass panel has been extended by several centimetres to improve visibility to the left side of the machine. Operator and exterior sound pressure/power levels for the 980M and 982M are 72 and 109 dBA, respectively. New larger convex mirrors improve visibility to the rear and integrated spot mirrors provide visibility close to both sides of the machine.

A multipurpose colour touch screen display, with machine controls, a rear-view camera and a new Cat Connect feature known as Cat Production Measurement, simplifies the operator interface. Navigation with in-language text enables operators to easily modify certain machine parameters and monitor machine conditions. Cat Production Measurement enables operators and managers to access machine data including payload, fuel consumption, engine idle time and operating hours. Cat Connect makes use of technology and services to monitor, manage and enhance operations to gain more control of the jobsite.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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