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Geometrica solves dust problems

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At a bulk material handling operation a combination of environmental, operational, employee and community expectations mean it is a requirement to reduce dust levels. Finding a solution that combats all of these issues while still keeping business competitive can be difficult. Many industries have used foams, sprays and windbreaks, however these are rarely enough to control dust over large areas and are ineffective for runoff. The most common way of addressing dust is the application of water, but the amount of water this uses is so significant that in many regions, water scarcity means that it still isn’t a sustainable solution.

Geometrica designs long-span domes and vaults that instead cover the stockpile, preventing runoff, containing dust and sparing landscapes.

Geometrica’s assembly process ensures a fast, safe and easy installation. With on-site expert guidance, the structures are installed with locally-sourced labor. Any crew member that has installed scaffolding, or has worked miscellaneous metals, has the required skills. All of the structure’s connections are mechanical so no welding is required.

The domes and vaults may also be designed so that installation is done while the pile is in operation. Maximum space is achieved due to the absence of internal columns. This allows for the free flow of inventory, traffic, personnel, and equipment. Geometrica’s goal is to seamlessly connect bulk storage solutions with operations.

Covering the stockpile also helps protect the bottom line. Fighting off wind, rain and other contaminants safeguards inventory from erosion and deterioration. Material is kept dry, ready for immediate handling and it’s not depleted.

Geometrica structures can be made of galvanised steel or aluminium. Cladding can be steel or aluminium, and translucent skylights may be arranged in a beautiful pattern to save energy during daytime operation. And, cladding can be applied inside or outside the structure, or both. and, importantly, with zero downtime.

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