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High-strength, ultra-thin road, pavement and floor coating

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World Cement,

Krete100® is an admixture to ordinary concrete mixes, used for repairing damaged concrete, rock and masonry and as a white topping over asphalt.Only a thin coat is needed: starting at just 8 mm thick, compressive strength is over 50 MPa.

Krete100® is completely liquid and vapour proof and can be applied in heavy traffic areas, such as loading docks, yards, ramps, parking garages, freeways and highways.

  • High compressive and tensile strengths, abrasion and corrosion resistance.
  • High alkaline and acid resistance, no scaling, dilatation or efflorescence.
  • No shrinkage cracks.
  • Water reducer, low heat emission.
  • No CO2 is emitted.
  • No curing and no densifying toppings are needed.

Using the mix design "Patchcrete" produces a compressive strength of 50 MPa at a layer thickness of only 8 mm.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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