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CAD trends for the plant and process industry

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Business Advantage Group, which specialises in CAD industry research, has re-analysed its CAD Trends 2014 Survey for the Plant and Process industry focused software developer CADshare.

Chris Acheson, Founder and CEO at CADshare, saw the original survey and asked Business Advantage to ‘drill down’ into the Plant and Process market. “Our vision at CADshare is to enable Plant & Process project teams to work together in collaborative ways by leveraging new technologies,” he explains. “Developing a unique product like this is a high risk proposition, and validated customer insights are of upmost importance for us. We are building a deep understanding of what our customers need through direct engagement with the market, but we wanted to further validate our understanding on a larger scale.”

Business Advantage reacted quickly and provided insightful commentary, which Acheson says added ‘real value’ to his company’s understanding of future trends. “We saw further validation of our own data, and also some new opportunities that we can look at in more detail. BA know the industry, know the market and know how to bring it all together into an insightful package with real value.”

Chris Turner, CEO/Managing Director of Business Advantage said, “We are delighted to assist CADshare in this way… Our annual CAD Trends survey is designed to assist CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM and PLM software companies with their planning for this year and beyond. We are currently preparing the CAD Trends 2015 Survey and will by the end of November publish the high level results. As previously the public report will be high level but many deeper insights will be available from the full data set. Anyone, like CADshare, interested in more detailed analysis of the data, for example by region, industry or CAD software vendor should contact us.” 

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