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CEMA 576 - classification for conveyor belt cleaners

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The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers’ Association has issued a new standard for the ranking of conveyor belt cleaners.

The highly anticipated publication provides performance-based guidelines for specifying belt cleaners by establishing a specific formula for determining the level of difficulty in a given application. The intention of assessing the application difficulty is to assist in appropriate cleaner selection, allowing a suitable choice so both end user and supplier can be satisfied with the result. The new standard is included in the 7th edition of the CEMA book, Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials, in the belt cleaning section.

The new standard is also expected to benefit conveyer engineers, as they can now specify a belt cleaner rating without relying on a manufacturer’s proprietary technical information.

For belt cleaner manufacturers, CEMA 576 is a way to confirm that a cleaner matches the application requirements, and thereby assure customer satisfaction.

How It Works: an Overview

The standard uses belt features and material characteristics to develop its ratings, using CEMA Standard 550 to assign values for the material categories. The factors include the conveyor speed, belt width and splices, as well as the material’s abrasiveness and moisture content. Each is scored individually and then totalled to arrive at the class rating for the application. The final score is divided into five application levels and should be specified when cleaners are being selected. Appropriate cleaners should have a rating that meets or exceeds the calculated application class score.

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