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FLSmidth Ventomatic SpA introduces the Flying Fork-Lift

World Cement,

FLSmidth Ventomatic SpA has developed the Flying Fork-Lift (FFL), a new truck loading system that completely changes the vision of the internal logistics system. It guarantees a high level of automation and efficiency, reducing operational costs and enhancing productivity.

The creative solution from FLSmidth Ventomatic gives the market a flexible logistics solution combining efficient truck loading and storage of palletised bags.

The company’s R&D department intensively tested the first prototype of the machine in the workshop last year and, after obtaining the patent for the application, selling of the unit commenced at the beginning of 2014. FFL units have already been sold to India and Indonesia.

By combining a palletiser with a fork-lift equipped with push-pull technology, the VENTOMATIC® Flying Fork-Lift FFL (patent pending) provides the basic functions of both:

  • Palletise full bags.
  • Load pallets of full bags directly onto the truck.

This enables loading to operate continuously all day long:

  • As a truck loader when a truck is present in the loading bay.
  • As a palletiser for pallet storage when there are no trucks to be loaded. The pallets can be shifted by a forklift to storage, ready to be re-positioned on the truck loading section of the VENTOMATIC® Flying Fork-Lift once a new truck loading session begins.

The FFL system is designed with great simplicity and high efficiency in mind. It is easy to integrate with existing installations. Supported by a simple steel structure, it requires no significant civil structures, and all equipment is installed near ground level. Operation of the FFL system is completely automatic and only one supervisor is needed for control and monitoring. The system is quick to install and commission as it is delivered pre-wired, pre-assembled and pre-tested.

The design is focused on reducing operational costs and enhancing productivity.

Design concepts:

  • Equipment installed near ground level.
  • Pre-assembled and pre-wired parts.
  • Simple and adaptable design.
  • Fully automatic


  • No significant civil structure required.
  • Shorter erection, commissioning and startup time.
  • Easy to integrate into existing plants.
  • High loading capacity, no operators required.
  • Low operational costs and increased productivity.

In a market where equipment supplies are increasingly being regarded as commodities, it is important to focus on logistics solutions that meet customer’s specific requirements. The flexible and innovative VENTOMATIC® Flying Fork-Lift system meets all customers’ needs for efficient and flexible loading and storage.

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