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New ATD-Pressure Gas System removes build-up during cement production

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The ATD-Pressure Gas System CARDOX® is well-proven for the online removal of build-up during cement production. For regular use, the ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes are locked to the application by a clamping system, consisting of the ATD-Base Socket and ATD-Gripcase.

Image 1. Locking system of ATD-Base Socket/ATD-Gripcase

For any special application – for example in the preheater tower, where access for the preparation of the insertion hole is limited, existing heat requires swift action and/or the operators need special protection against possible contact with the hot material – ATD-Abbausysteme GmbH, Germany (, developed the new ATD-Target Blaster.

The ATD-Target Blaster is a high-pressure nozzle made of heat and chemical resistant steel. It can be installed in the critical area during the production process and remains in position, ready to perform its function.

Image 2. ATD-Target Blaster

The length, and therefore the insertion depth, of the Target Blaster, as well as the type of the discharge openings, are adapted in order to fully meet efficiency and safety requirements for the application. Even a straight discharge is possible by offering a 100% safe locking of the ATD-Tube during blasting.

Image 3. L-type discharge of the installed ATD-Target Blaster with exact and safe insertion depth behind the castable

Outside the plant, access to the ATD-Target Blaster is via a high-capacity thread. It is designed and engineered to ensure easy functionality and fully strengthened to reliably handle the existing traverse forces of the activated ATD-Tubes. Before and after use, the thread is protected and closed by a plug.

Image 4. Target Blaster adapter for the connection of the ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes

When ready for action, the ATD-Pressure Gas Tube is screwed to the ATD-Target Blaster by hand.

The existing installations in the cement industry are mainly in the critical areas of the kiln inlet chute and close to the entry of secondary fuel components, such as the tyre chute.

The installation of the ATD-Target Blaster offers significant advantages for the plant and the operators:

  • 100% safe locking during blasting by using the patent-pending ATD-Locking System ( EP2683976).
  • 4- 2-way and 80/20% discharge and straight shot for all type of ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes.
  • Heat- and chemical-resistant material for the nozzle is possible (approx. up to 1100°C/1900°F).
  • Fast access to the area of operation.
  • Fast reaction time on build-up formation.
  • The operators are not directly exposed to the heat and to the hot materiel, as drilling and poking the insertion hole is unnecessary.
  • The ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes are not in direct contact with the heat; therefore, the ATD-Target Blaster offers a tremendous increase in safety and lifetime for the ATD-Tubes.
  • The blasting nozzle can be easily removed for inspection.

The video shows the use of the ATD-Target Blaster in combination with an ATD-Pressure Gas Tube type DG 55. The area of application is just above the entry of the tyre chute.

Author: Jörg Rohde, Managing Director, ATD-Abbausysteme GmbH

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