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SLV Cement offers operations solution for cement plants

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In 1993 Cachapuz introduced SLV Cement, an innovative system that was able to integrate weighing information with the information systems already in place within cement plants. Through the use of RFID identification devices, it supplied automated weighing and loading systems in which drivers perform their operations autonomously.

Since then, the reach of SLV Cement has expanded greatly and a number of options are now available.

One of these is an industrial PanelPC with wireless connectivity runs the SLV Cement Loading Module for the management of pallets loading with forklifts. The PanelPC is installed onboard the forklift, so that the operator can access the necessary information to perform the loading operation without leaving the forklift, manage the calling of the next vehicles and register the start, pause and end of the operations. Optionally, this module can also perform many other operations that improve the loading processes and reduce its turnaround time (TAT).

Another modern feature is the SLV Cement Dashboard. This improves the traceability and visibility of trucks in the plant, and allows the cement plant’s layout to be designed uing ‘point & click’ and ‘drag & drop’ features, representing all relevant areas such as: parking area, entrance/exit gates, weighing zones, bags loading warehouses, bulk and clinker loading silos and raw materials unloading zones. Because of the configurability and flexibility features of this module, it can be used to show different types of information in each area, such as performance statistics and KPI (average time spent by the trucks in each zone, the total amount/quantity of product loaded/unloaded in each zone, etc.).

Parking management is another useful asset for a cement plant’s logistics because it reduces waiting and idle time, prevents traffic bottlenecks and chaos at the entrance and inside the plant, increases the throughput of dispatched trucks and avoids mistakes and errors while calling the trucks to load or unload. Direct and immediate result include availability to dispatch more trucks, improvement of the operations’ performance, clients, suppliers and transporters receive an increased service quality, leading to a reduction of the turnaround time of the inbound/outbound processes.

The implementation of the SLV Cement solution is based upon a roadmap and schedule, both of which are defined together with the client. It requires the intervention of a multidisciplinary team, involving automation and software engineers with expertise in the critical areas of the system, including civil and electrical works infrastructures preparation supervision, automation integration, SLV Cement software framework setup, process customisation, ERP and third-party integrations. Based on 30+ years of experience, SLV Cement is seen as a corporate solution for cement companies aiming to standardise and optimise operations at their plants.

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