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New in-situ analyzer introduced by Cemtrex

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Cemtrex has developed a new In-situ NDIR Analyzer for continuous emissions monitoring applications, the IS 2500 Multi Gas Analyzer. The IS 2500 Multi Gas Analyzer combines Cemtrex’s vast expertise in gas measurement in a smaller package that can be mounted on stacks to lower the cost of emissions monitoring typically done from extractive systems.

In-situ analysis allows for direct analysis on the stack of various gases that must be monitored by environmental agencies around the world.

Saagar Govil, CEO of Cemtrex, said: “Cemtrex has specialised in extractive systems for many years and we are expanding our offering now by releasing this new in-situ analyzer. With an In-situ system a plant operator could reduce their upfront installed cost by almost 50% as compared to an extractive system. The majority of manufacturing and industrial plants, particularly in Asia, prefer in-situ systems due to the lower cost and as a result we have one of the most competitive systems on the market now.”

According to a recent report from McIlvane & Co., the worldwide CEMS market is around US$1.2 billion, with the majority of growth to be in Asian markets over the next five years. The biggest single market is coal-fired boilers in Asia and large numbers of new plants will need stack monitoring systems to measure SO2, NOX, opacity, CO and O2. In addition, a number of Chinese plants are retrofitting SO2 and NOX reduction systems. This will require adding additional sets of monitors to existing stack systems.

Cemtrex will begin delivery of the first IS 2500 Multi Gas Analyzer systems in six months and pricing will vary based on the number of gases being monitored.

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