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BASF launches MasterEase

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Master Builders Solutions® have developed a new generation of polymers bringing a significant improvement in the rheological properties of concrete. Advanced concrete mixes often demonstrate a higher viscosity due to their low water contents. Although having a high level of workability, the concrete often appears harsh, sticky and therefore difficult to pump and process. This is especially true for engineering concrete with low water/cement ratios optimised towards having a low environmental impact.

To overcome these challenges BASF has developed MasterEase, a new admixture range developed for low-viscosity concrete, and will present this innovation at the ERMCO (European Ready Mix Concrete Organisation) Congress in Istanbul.

With the new technology, plastic viscosity can be reduced by up to 30%, which results in a reduction of pumping pressure required to pump the concrete on the construction site. Placing and finishing of the concrete is easier, faster and therefore more economic than using standard concrete.

Concrete producers and users benefit in many ways from the new technology. It is flexible and can be adapted to challenging situations such as temperature variations. The high level of rheology and workability retention minimises the risk of jobsite addition of water. In addition, the possibility to reduce mixing water even further without impacting the concrete rheology, opens new possibilities for improvement in concrete mix designs. Less water in concrete mixes implies higher performance and better durability.

The new technology is particularly suitable for concrete mixes that are optimised for advanced engineering properties and sustainability - the Green Sense Concrete concept from Master Builders Solutions. High strength concrete with low water/cement ratios, as well as mixes with higher levels of secondary cementitious materials, reduce the CO2 footprint and are easier to produce and place. This helps engineers and investors to improve sustainability ratings of their projects.

Starting in Europe and the Middle East this technology will be globally available as MasterEase 3000 series for ready mix and site mix concrete applications.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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