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Weight of cement bags reduced by BSW Machinery

World Cement,

Paper and woven PP bags are used as a packaging solution within the cement industry. BSW Machinery, a subsidiary of Windmöller & Hölscher, has launched its new perforation unit, nanoTex cyclo, designed to lower the weight of woven polypropylene (PP) cement bags, without losing strength.

BSW Machinery’s nano perforation solution

Cement bags are perforated with small holes to allow the air to exit when cement is filling into it. Micro perforation has been an industry standard for woven PP bags for many years, however, BSW Machinery’s alternative solution involves the replacement of this micro perforation with ‘nano’ perforation.

The new nanoTex perforation unit creates much smaller, but many more, holes than micro perforation, thereby resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of dust escaping through the vent holes.

Feather edges are particularly vulnerable when handling or dropping the bags, however, the new concept of nanoTex cyclo strengthens these crucial edges and other areas through indexed nano perforation. Synchronisation ensures that the unperforated match the print on the bag and are that they are placed in such a way that the critical zones of the bag are made from unperforated material.

The new technology will allow cement bag producers to reduce their material usage. Moreover, the critical areas of nanoTex cyclo bags are stronger compared to older technologies and overall thickness and weight is reduced whilst still maintaining its current strength.

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