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UltraTech Concrete Zip for small concreting jobs

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UltraTech Concrete has launched Zip, a unique solution for small concreting jobs. UltraTech Concrete Zip is a multipurpose premixed concrete available in buckets available for delivery in small quantities and in congested areas. The concrete is made from high quality cement, specially selected and graded sand coarse aggregate, best-in-class high performance additives and clean potable water. It can be designed according to the customer’s requirements and is packed in 15 litre buckets.

When a corrugated box factory was facing issues with cracking floors due to the impact of heavy loads, Zip proved to be an idea solution. The technical team at UltraTech Concrete recommended Fibrecon with steel fibres for this particular problem. The quantity required was only 1 m3, and the lead distance was about 5 km. Typically, in concrete, water seeps to the top due to capillary action and gets stiff within a few minutes. The challenge was to provide small quantities of concrete with steel fibres that mixed homogenously and did not disperse in low slump concrete. This challenge was overcome by providing UltraTech Concrete Fibrecon in Zip buckets.

A pavement repair solution project for Municipal Corporation Chennai for repairing a pothole on an old bituminous road had a unique requirement. The challenge was with the site being on the main road, it needed to be opened for traffic within 3 hours of concrete pouring. A concrete that hardened within 3 hours and had a slump of 80 – 100 mm at the pouring point to enable quick setting was required. The quantity required was about 0.75 m3. The technical team recommended UltraTech Zip Concrete of M40 grade, which has high early strength. The recommended solution helped the customer overcome the challenge, and the unique service of Zip was well appreciated.

The major application avenues include column starters, minor concrete repairs, bedding in drains, manhole covers, greenhouse bases, foundations for paving slabs, small pathways and steps, concreting of sunken slabs, and road repairs. 

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