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Aalborg launches new generation of premixed concrete

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The new generation of premixed, ultra high-performance concrete (UHPC) was released by Aalborg in November 2018. ExtremeTM Light 120 is based on Aalborg White® cement and has been launched to the global market. The product was first deployed in Europe and the company expects that it will reach the US and China in January 2019.

The first commercialised product under the Aalborg InWhite SolutionTM, the concrete is expected to serve as an engine of innovation for high value adding and technologically advanced white cement based products. Led by Group Sales, Marketing and Commercial Development, and working with the R&D lab in Aalborg, the Innovation Team set out to break the boundaries of traditional technology for the application of white cement. The team’s emphasis was on innovation and environmental protection, supporting the development of sustainable industrial products.

The concrete is based on Cementir Holding’s recently patented sustainable binder technology, FuturecemTM. This technology offers advantageous pozzolanic reactions, without the constraint of the availability or quality of waste materials from other industries that minimise environmental impact. Fully documented with predictable performance, the premix UHPC product allows precast concrete manufactures to tailor within a predefined range onsite, in order to achieve production cost and efficiency optimisation.

New generation of UHPC incorporates the green gene

The binder technology is a synergised achievement from Cementir Holding’s Innovation Team, Research and Quality Centre in Aalborg, Denmark, and Global Sales Team. Based on a further refinement of sustainable binder technology, the Aalborg Extreme Light 120 product employs a unique selection of the raw materials from adequate existing nature resource. Its pozzolanic reactions are unconstrained by the availability and quality of waste materials from other industries.

A fully-documented product with predictable performance

The white cement used in the Aalborg Extreme Light 120 is Aalborg White. This provides the enhanced interaction with admixtures, as well as predictable and reliable UHPC performance, due to its high degree of chemical purity and the inherent stability of quality.

Developed to provide a safe and reliable solution for the manufacture of UHPC products, the company’s new product is designed to successfully match the requirements of industrial manufacturers, whilst still offering the possibility for colouring, parting from its white colour, and further permitting a customised selection of fibre type and dosage. The UHPC mix is robust and has high viscosity, but also has high flow properties with an open time suited for industrial use.

A European customer gave the following assessment: “together with the Aalborg White Innovation Team, we have done several tests to monitor workability and strength. The product contains excellent properties to meet the demand in the market.”

The new product’s durability properties also make it possible to design and manufacture thin, light weight, and high strength concrete products. This includes façades, cladding, sun-screens, garden ornaments, and city furniture. It also offers a solution for the safe and clean production of high quality UHPC elements that fit into the framework of a typical industrial production process. This is due to properties including workability, high early and final strength, predictable and reliable performance, reduced shrinkage to minimise the risk of cracks, high durability even when exposed to harsh environments, and colour performance.

Cementir Holding is a world leading manufacturer of white cement.

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