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Ohio Lumex introduces RATA Pre-Run Sorbent Traps

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Ohio Lumex has introduced the RATA Pre-Run Sorbent Traps.

The set can be used as the initial step before starting on your RATA. Consider it a practice run that will allow you to understand the unit’s concentration on the day of the RATA so that you can set up sampling parameters to hit your spike. Remember that you must sample for a minimum of 30 minutes if you are following method 30B and be contentious of your sampling system if it has a dry gas meter in terms of flow rate. Set up your sampling as if you are doing an official run. Be sure to leak check it, but you don’t have to sample for the entire 30 minutes as you would do with an actual compliance run. Then analyse the traps and see what the total mass is to determine your concentration. The RATA Pre-Run sorbent traps allow you to have a good understanding of what you should do on RATA day in terms of flow rate, sample duration, and moisture/particulate prevention without using an official Method 30B trap which might cut into the number of runs you can throw away and also waste a set of traps that you paid good money for.

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