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Editorial comment

World Cement magazine prides itself on its original and (hopefully) interesting plant tour articles from around the world. I was recently tasked with finding a unique cement plant to cover for an upcoming issue. Scouring the globe I came across a small plant doing great work in Lloseta, Mallorca. What better place to escape another English summer of high expectations and few spells of actual sunshine! Working through a troublesome period of political unrest and falling demand, the plant has recently undergone somewhat of a makeover. €16 million has been invested to make the plant ‘green’, with a portion of that budget spent on paint, to quite literally turn the plant green.

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The work being done on the Balearic Island is an example of preparation for a greener future whilst the present times are tough in terms of demand. Much of the work we are seeing in the cement industry today is designed to strengthen and adapt for the years to come. In a future that will require cleaner and more energy efficient cement plants, many are taking the opportunity to streamline their efforts now, to be better prepared for the inevitable upturn in demand.

To reflect this industry movement, this issue includes a strong feature on Alternative Fuels that we hope you enjoy. As a part of this feature, Pavel Cech from ResourceCo Asia takes the prize for the most creative article title, certainly not something we’ve come across before with World Cement! In a fantastic piece, Cech implores readers to not rest on their laurels and prepare for stricter and tighter environmental regulations. Cech references John F. Kennedy’s famous remark from a State of the Union address, in which he states “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

This quotation has never been more relevant to the cement industry than now, with companies and plants across the globe making efforts to increase their use of alternative fuels and subsequently reduce their environmental impact before further sanctions come down hard on the industry. With weakened demand, cement companies can focus their investment and time on alternative fuels and efficiency, in preparation for sunnier spells. This is reflected in this month’s lead feature.

The great strides the cement industry is taking to be more environmentally focused and modern in its thinking is also reflected in our decision to launch a brand new supplement in early 2017. We are proud to announce that we will be launching ‘Cement Plants of the Future’, a supplement that will no doubt focus heavily on this increasing environmental consciousness. In the meantime we’d love to hear your opinions on the industry’s drive to be ‘greener’. Please contact us at or with your thoughts. While I await your comments, I’d like to extend my warmest wishes to our readers, authors and advertisers. Thank you for your continued support.