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September 2013

The September issue features a Regional Report on Latin America, in which UNACEM (Peru), Cementos Argos (Colombia) and Cementos Chimborazo (Ecuador) discuss recent expansion projects. The issue also focuses on German equipment ahead of the VDZ Conference in Düsseldorf, as well as looking at auditing, benchmarking and maintenance and additives for improved performance. The issue is accompanied by the annual Bulk Materials Handling Review supplement. This includes a look at the Hope cement plant, following its transition to new owner Hope Construction Materials.

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Keynote: New Data for Cement Industry Shows Reductions in CO2 Emissions
Philippe Fonta, of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Cement Sustainability Initiative, provides results from the Getting the Numbers Right programme that show the cement industry is reducing its CO2 emissions.

XXX Technical Congress FICEM-APCAC
A preview of the Congress taking place in Lima, Peru.

Merger and Expansion in Peru
UNACEM, Peru, outlines the company’s development and the expansion of the Atocongo cement plant.

Expanding Capacity in Colombia
Argos, Colombia, provides an overview of the company’s projects to increase cement production capacity in the country.

New Grinding Line in Ecuador
Alejandra Carpio Herrera, Cemento Chimborazo, Ecuador, describes the company’s new grinding and dispatch line that brings capacity to 1 million tpa.

Natural Pozzolans of the Lesser Antilles
Jean-Yves Bonnaire, Carib Sand & Stone (Dominica) Ltd, discusses the increasing opportunities for use of natural pozzolans in the Caribbean and Latin American cement industry.

7th International VDZ Congress 2013
Congress preview and German equipment review.

German Companies Tour Latin America
World Cement talks to Dr Reinhold Festge of Haver & Boecker for a report on the VDMA road show across Latin America.

Emphasising the Positive
Roger Griffiths, Cement Performance International Ltd, UK, considers the benefits of plant audits to highlight both what is and is not working.

Mechanical Integrity & Reliability Audit
Kevin Rudd, Independent Cement Consultants, UK, introduces the benefits of utilising an external auditor.

Managing for Reliability
Mark Mutter, Jamcem Consulting, UK, reviews approaches to reliability in cement plants.

Thrust Into Action
Muhammad Akhtar, Pioneer Cement Ltd, Pakistan, looks at gearbox maintenance and provides a report on the replacement of thrust pads and upper wheel bearing.

Clear Messages
Martin Imbusch, Aucotec AG, Germany, illustrates how managing maintenance data in a common database provides unambiguous information, traceable modifications and considerable time savings.

Living Up to Strength Potential
Raine Isaksson and Neil Taylor, Isaksson-Taylor Management Consulting, look at some of the options for improving cement strength to make better use of mineral additions.

Customising Cement Additives
A. Schibuola, G. Dalmas and M. Sumner, Grace Construction Products, explain how a customised approach to cement additives can achieve maximum value for each system.

Meeting Market Needs
Sandeep Rath, Industrial Specialties, Ashland Specialty Ingredients, explains how additives are developed in response to pressing market place problems.

15 Facts...

The Bulk Materials Handling Review supplement accompanies the September issue.

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