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September 2010

The September issue has been prepared to coincide with both the FICEM-APCAC Conference and Intercem Americas, taking place in Jamaica and Brazil respectively. The Regional Report focuses, therefore, on the cement industry in Latin America, with plant stories and case studies from across the region. Aside from this, the issue includes a range of articles on the subject of ‘cutting costs and improving efficiency’ – vital in these turbulent economic times. Finally, to give us an idea of the impact of the global economic downturn, we have a feature on shipping and trade, including an excellent report from BIMCO.

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Inside Insight


Product News

Building Momentum in Latin America
Rafael Amiel, Diego Moya-Ocampos, Irenea Renuncio and Christian Voelkel, IHS Global Insight.

Brazil’s Business Boom
Paul Maxwell-Cook updates his April Regional Insight.

US Support for Rebuilding Effort in Chile
Kristen Engblom and Marcelo Orellana, US International Trade Administration.

Modern Day Plant Design
Pedro Lluch, Holcim Apasco, Mexico.

From National to International
Saul Alvidrez, Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua (GCC).

Soft Soil Solution
Martin Wuerth, Wuerth Consulting Engineers, Switzerland.

Accurate Preblending in Latin America
Pietro De Michieli, Bedeschi SpA, Italy, and Thomas Turrano, Bedeschi America Inc.

All’s Well That Ends Well
Jürgen Brühl and Mathis Menzel, Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH, Germany.

Pozzolan: A Green Solution
Luis Filipe Fabiani and Guilherme Martins Ferreira, Dynamis Ltd, Brazil.

Conference Previews Introduction

Jamaican Venue for FICEM-APCAC Congress

Intercem Americas

Invitation to IEEE-IAS/PCA Conference 2011

Conveying 75 Years of Success
Paul Maxwell-Cook speaks to Dr Christoph Beumer on the occasion of the group’s 75th anniversary.

Global Shipping Trends
Peter Sand, BIMCO, Denmark.

Pakistan’s Export Potential
Syed Haroon Haider Gilani, The Vision Corp., Pakistan.

Cost Reduction Through Kiln Refractory Management – A User’s Experience
Ian J. Bedford, Golden Bay Cement, New Zealand.

Getting the Most from an ePTFE Filter Bag Investment
Andy Winston, GE Energy, USA.

Investing in Longer Life
Tod Cotter and Mark Ward, Timken, USA.

Lowering Energy Consumption Using Lubricants
John Sander, Lubrication Engineers, Inc., USA.

All About Audits
Brian Boon, PEG Engineering SA, Switzerland.

Selecting Turnkey Contractors – Cost vs. Value
Kevin Rudd, Atkins Plc, UK.

Burners for Kilns and Calciners: Part IIb – Calciner Burning Arrangements
Tahir Abbas, Michail Akritopoulos and Tom Lowes, Cinar Ltd, UK.

Onsite CCS and Biofuel Creation
WORLD CEMENT learns more about Genesis Biofuel Inc.’s algal biodiesel refineries.

Energy Efficient Fan Upgrades: The Right Way
Dan Banyay, Robinson Fans Inc., USA.

Fan Manufacturers Review

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