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November 2015

This month the regional report focuses on the cement market in the Middle East and Africa, with a report from BMIC on commissioning a cement plant amid Egypt’s mass uprising, an outline from SPCC on the growth of the company in line with the new initiatives of the Saudi government, and summaries of new project developments by Manaseer Cement Industry and HAVER & BOECKER. This coincides with the bonus distribution of the issue at the Arab International Cement Conference and Exhibition. Technical features include articles on domes and silos, burners and filters, as well as a plant tour of Hanson’s cement plant in Ketton. The keynote article details the history of the early British cement industry.

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Keynote: Milling in the Early British Cement Industry
Edwin Trout, The Concrete Society, UK, details the history and development of the early cement industry in Britain.

Plant Tour: Hanson Ketton Plant
Joseph Green visited Hanson’s cement plant in Ketton, Rutland, to find out more about the company’s production line and environmental projects.

Commissioning Amid a Revolution
Samir Sabry, BMIC Cement Company, Egypt, relates the difficulties associated with building a cement plant during the mass uprising of 2011, and the solutions devised to overcome them.

Growing with Demand
Safar M. Dhufayer, SPCC, Saudi Arabia, outlines the growth of the company in parallel with the new initiatives of the Saudi government.

Olive Residue Utilisation Through the Coal Mill
Mamoon Obeidat, the Operation Team and the Project Team at Manaseer Cement Industry, Jordan, summarise the simulation and real-time results of the co-grinding and pyro-trial of olive residue as an alternative fuel.

A Complete Solution
Eric Hartmann, HAVER & BOECKER, Germany, outlines the turnkey project carried out for Cimfaso.

ORC Solutions for Heat Recovery Applications
Riccardo Vescovo, Turboden, Italy, outlines the main features and installations of Organic Rankine Cycle units.

Waste Heat Recovery Project
Lucky Cement, Pakistan, outlines the projects undertaken by the company to reduce costs and limit environmental impact.

World Cement Interview: AAF
World Cement talks to AAF’s Alberto Arregui, Environmental Systems Global Manager and AAF Spain General Manager, about the company’s more than 90-year history and the development of the air filtration market.

Hot Gas Filtration
Pierre Henri Thiéfaine, Kermel, France, discusses the use of a new fibre able to withstand high temperatures.

Solutions for ESP Performance
Thompson Tsai, Daniel Gunawan and Saengson Kriswatanakorn, Tai & Chyun Associates Industries Inc., Taiwan, discuss the flexible solutions available to increase the performance and reliability of electrostatic precipitators.

Investigating Filter Bag Technology
Lorenzo Balzaretti, Testori, Italy, describes how the company engaged in a programme to improve the gas treatment centres of two lines in Saudi Arabia.

Hot Gas Ceramic Filters
Purv Purohit, Ian Chisem, Richard Lydon & John Eleftherakis, Clear Edge, Germany, discuss the use of CerafilTM ceramic filter elements to meet increasingly stringent emission requirements.

Stacking and Reclaiming High-Moisture Materials
Marjan Bojdys, SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH, Germany, highlights a case study from Eastern Europe that showcases the ability of the reclaimer to work with materials that have a moisture content above 20%.

Size Matters
Rebecca Pyper, Dome Technology, USA, reports on a 70 000 t cement storage dome for St Marys Cement.

Dry Mix Plants and Powder Handling Systems
Kari Saarinen, Lahti, Finland, describes the benefits of fluidisation technology over screw conveyors.

Enhancing the Performance of Kiln Burners
Renata Favalli, Luis Filipe Fabiani & Luiz Felipe de Pinho, Dynamis, Brazil, relate the findings of an investigation into the performance of kiln burner heads.

Low-Cost Plant Upgrade Solutions
Tahir Abbas, Cinar Ltd., UK, & Josef Keuschnigg Jun., PM-Technologies GmbH, Austria, present case studies of upgrade solutions.

Cover Story: Analytics in the Cement Industry
Jens Büschl, Fritz & Macziol, Germany, explores how Industry 4.0 can be utilised to invent new innovations, improve customer service and to differentiate from the competition.

Primary Size Reduction
Extracts from ‘Primary Size Reduction’ in Innovations in Portland Cement Manufacturing, in which author A.K. Chaterjee provides an outline of the size-reduction process by crushing.

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