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November 2010

World Cement is proud to present the second 168 page issue in three months 0 a sign that things for the cement industry are looking up. The Regional Report in this issue focuses on the MENA Region, and includes industry and economic overviews, plant stories and a preview of the 16th Arab International Cement Conference & Exhibition. Also in this issue are articles on filtration, energy efficiency, alternative fuels, emissions reduction and cement and materials testing. Something for everyone!

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Facts and Figures of the GCC Cement Industry
Hettish Kumar Karmani, Global Investment House, UAE, presents data from the cement industry in the GCC region.

The Changing Scene in MENA
Dr M Rahim Vaseghi, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz Branch, Iran, provides an update on the cement industry in the region.

OYAK Cement Set to Strengthen Position in Turkey
Predicted growth for the Turkish cement industry in 2010 means that OYAK Cement’s Adana plant is set to flourish.

LCC Cleans Up and Upgrades
Juan Carlos Rincon, CEO, Libyan Cement Company Inc., celebrates the inauguration of the company’s new line and environmental upgrades in Libya.

Focusing on the Future
This article looks at Union Cement Company’s growth and future plans to enter the export market.

Optimising Adana
Mahmut Selekoglu, Adana Cement Inc., Turkey, describes the application of an optimisation system at the Adana plant.

Preview: 16th Arab International Cement Conference

Against All Odds
Fahem A. Y. Aal Abdulla, Ras AL Khaimah Co. For White Cement & Construction Materials, UAE, presents a success story from the company’s ongoing improvement programme.

Filter Technology in the MENA Region
Christian Straif, Scheuch GmbH, Austria, provides details of recent and long-running projects in the MENA region.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency
Authors from Intensiv-Filter GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, discuss increasing energy efficiency in industrial gas cleaning.

The Power of Sound Waves
David Chapin, Linda McQuinn and Andy Winston, GE Energy, USA, identify why acoustic horns are ideal for cleaning equipment.

Measuring Biogenic Fraction
Richelle Amoguis, Beta Analytic Inc., USA, discusses the ASTM D6866 testing of alternative fuels.

More Plants Opt for Hybrid Filter Conversion
Carl-Vilhelm Rasmussen, FLSmidth, Denmark, explains how hybrid filter conversions provide cost effective emissions reduction.

More Than A Spring Clean
David Kennedy, Vac-U-Max, USA, tells how cement manufacturers are benefiting from the use of a variety of vacuum cleaning applications.

Calculating the Chemical Composition of Particulate Matter
Authors from Italian National Research Council (CNR) – Institute of Atmospheric Pollution and Buzzi Unicem Spa investigate air quality and particulate emissions from the cement production cycle.

Using Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analysis
Authors from Malvern Instruments, UK, tell how the switch to laser diffraction particle size measurement has established the need for a reliable reference laboratory solution.

Secondary Fuels - Energy for the Cement Industry
Dr Gerhard Beckers, Retsch GmbH, Germany, discusses the preparation of samples of highly heterogeneous mixtures for quality control purposes.

Analysing Size and Shape
Nicolas Marchet, Cilas, France, examines how to improve cement production by combining particle size and shape analysis.

Smart Process and Quality Control by WDXRF
Dr Kai Behrens and Dr. Soodabeh Durali-Müller, Bruker AXS, Germany, explain the benefits of norm compliant WDXRF application for cement plants.

Designing a Blending Silo and Kiln Feed System
Anirban Bhattacharya, Frigate Teknologies Private Limited, India, describes the company’s role in a recent upgrade project.

Power Saving Concept
SK Das Gupta, India, provides details of his research into power saving for pneumatic actuators.

Six Sigma Success
Authors from Integrated Engineering Solutions, India, detail a Six Sigma methodology project that helped a cement plant to realise energy optimisation.

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