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May 2016

This issue features a Keynote from IBM investigating cyber security in the cement industry. The regional report looks at plant stories and market updates from North America. Technical features focus on process control & automation, conveyers, chains, emission monitoring and more. The issue is published alongside our highly anticipated IEEE supplement.

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Keynote: Snowden told us so… but did we listen?
Robert Steininger, IBM Security, gives his view on cyber security and its relevance for the cement industry.

Coal Grinding and Firing Systems - HAZOP Analysis
Jagrut Upadhyay, PEC Consulting Group LLC, USA, outlines and explains the use of the HAZOP study within coal grinding and firing systems.

Innovations in Online Analyser Use
Tom Messer, Suwannee American Cement, USA, Ronaldo Dos Santos, Votorantim Cimentos, USAand Richard Woodward, Woodward Consulting, USA, examine the role of analysers at the Suwannee American Cement plant in Branford.

What a Drag
Chris Polizzi, WL Gore & Associates, USA, addresses the benefits that can be gained by installing filter bags with the lowest possible drag.

Hot Gas Filtration with Catalytic NOx Removal of Industrial Exhaust Gases
Ulrich Schwarz, GEA Bischoff GmbH, Martin Dunkel, BWF Tec GmbH & Co. KG, and Rainer Skroch, GEA Bischoff GmbH, Germany, discuss the suitability of catalytically activated ceramic filter elements.

A Baghouse Born Again
Joseph P. Arsenault, Ash Grove Cement, and Luis J. Castano, IAC Inc., describe how a baghouse refurbish project can go hand in hand with effective modernisations to solve specific operational challenges,injecting new life and improved performance into plant process filters.

Critical Valves
Todd Loudin, Flowrox Inc., USA, examines the advantageous usage of pinch valves in dense phase conveyor systems.

Cleaning Conveyor Belts
Daniel Marshall, Martin Engineering, USA, discusses the numerous considerations necessary when selecting an appropriate method of removing carryback.

Examining Lagging Friction
Brett DeVries, Flexco, USA, investigates how lagging optimises a conveyor’s performance.

Overcoming the Inherent in Feeding Coal Mills
Adam Wallace, Precision Machine and Manufacturing, Inc., USA, outlines how an innovative rotary valve can help the cement industry cope with difficulties in handling raw coal, which remains an economically viable fuel.

Complete Conveyor Solutions
Aaron Gibbs and Greg Bierie, ASGCO, USA, explore ways in which cement plants can increase production without increasing maintenance or costs.

Mobile Feeder-Breakers
Don Hughes, Joy Global, USA, discusses the use of mobile feeder-breakers for in-pit operations.

A New Solution
Kevin R. Peterson, Vortex, USA, outlines the development of three new diverters to handle situations where extreme abrasion is causing difficulties.

PC Mact – From Rule to Reality
Brad Blase and Rudi Muenster, VIM Technologies, Inc., USA, detail the challenges associated with the implementation of PC MACT.

Direct Reactivity Measurements by Isothermal Calorimetry in Cement Process Control
Paul Sandberg, Calmetrix, USA, details the use of isothermal calorimetry in a number of process control tasks within the cement industry.

Tackling the Climate Challenge
Jan Theulen, HeidelbergCement, presents how the company drives forward the capture, storage and utilisation of carbon.

Measuring Emissions
Dan Kietzer, SICK, Inc., USA, compares in-situ and extractive gas analysers and outlines the factors for consideration when choosing an emissions analyser.

Getting the Most from your Human Capital
John Kline and Charles Kline, Kline Consulting LLC, USA, follow up on their previous article, here with a focus on designing training events for the cement industry.

Renewable Energy in the Cement Industry
Thomas Hillig, THEnergy, Germany, presents the case for the cement industry to initiate the transition to a low carbon economy.

Levelling Up
Josef Keuschnigg jun., PM-Technologies, Austria; Reinhard Ringdorfer, Unitherm, Austria, and Michael Janzer, CemProTec, Germany, present a case study detailing low-cost plant upgrade solutions.

Optimising Bypass Systems
Mark Mutter and Lawrie Evans, JAMCEM Consulting, UK, detail steps to reduce the level of bypass required in the manufacturing of clinker.

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