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March 2022

The March issue of World Cement begins with a review of the state of the economy and cement sector in Turkey and parts of Central Asia. It then moves on to cover a range of technical subjects, including: Materials, Handling, Cement Additives, Waste Heat Recovery, Air Pollution Control, Software, Automation & Process Control, and Green Cement.

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03 Comment

05 News

10 Orient Express

World Cement Editor, David Bizley, provides an overview of the economic situation and the state of the cement industry across Turkey and Central Asia.

13 Clearing The Air

Greg Bierie, Benetech, explains how a quarry operation in the state of Washington has worked to improve its workplace safety, achieve air quality compliance and perform maintenance with ease.

17 Cut Your Losses
David Fregez, Standard Industrie International, outlines the conveyor solutions set to effectively reduce dust emissions, material loss, and maintenance time, whilst ensuring operator safety.

21 What’s In Store For Alternative Fuels?
Dr. Dominik Aufderheide & Dr.-Ing. Luigi Di Matteo, DI MATTEO Group, provide an overview of the typical problems associated with alternative fuels storage and feeding and introduce some best practice procedures.

29 Promoting Performance In Low Clinker Cement

Emanuele Gotti and Davide Padovani, Mapei SpA., review a new series of additives designed to enhance the performance of low clinker cements.

35 Enhancing Efficiency

Sergio Morlacchi, EXERGY, explains how the integration of waste heat recovery systems into cement plants could help enhance the overall energy efficiency of the cement manufacturing process, while helping to lower emissions.

39 Dealing With Dust In Deyang

Tang Yong and Li Qiang, Southwest Cement Group, and Adam Feng, W. L. Gore & Associates, share how a dust collection system upgrade helped improve environmental results, reduce operating costs and increase productivity for the Lisen Cement Plant in Deyang, China.

43 A Transformation In Transportation

47 The Best Of Both Worlds
Liran Akavia, Seebo, explains how adopting an AI-driven sustainability model could allow cement producers to both reduce their carbon footprint and increase their profits.

50 A Helping Hand With HMI
Chris Stearns, Rockwell Automation, outlines five ways in which modern HMI design can help make cement producers more productive.

53 Cutting The Carbon

Rémi Barbarulo, Holcim, explains how a new green cement range is helping to contribute towards decarbonisation goals.

57 Committing To Carbon Capture
Aniruddha Sharma, Carbon Clean, explains how carbon capture has become a feasible option for cement companies committed to climate action.

61 A Global Effort To Eliminate Emissions
Manon Burbidge & Ian Riley, WCA, join Dalmia Bharat Cement Ltd, PPC Ltd, and CUCC, to provide an update on the latest measures taken by the cement sector to tackle air pollution across the globe.

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