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March 2019

The March issue includes a regional report on Sub-Saharan Africa. Technical features include cement analysis, air pollution control, conveying, and cement storage, as well as a round-up of news from chains suppliers. We also spend five minutes with Bernhard Mathieu, Director of the Climate Programme at the World Cement Association.

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Roaring Lion Or Laughing Hyena
Yasmine Ghozzi, GlobalData, examines the construction output of Sub-Saharan Africa.

A Land Of Opportunity
Dom Pavlopoulos and Claudia Stefanoiu, Cement Business Research, provide a market analysis of the cement industries in East Africa.

The Bigger Picture
Mark Mutter and Lawrie Evans, JAMCEM Consulting, discuss how to optimise the cement, as well as the mill.

Enhanced Geopolymer Cement: Analysis
P. Ponnusamy, Mukesh K. Mishra, Praseeja Shankaran, Soumen Saha, and S.P. Pandey, Dalmia Cement Research Centre, explain how to enhance the functional features of geopolymer cement.

Feeling The Heat
Matteo Magistri, Mapei SpA, overviews calorimetry and its applications to cements and concrete.

Opportunity NOX
Helmut Hoppe, VDZ, gives an overview of the development of NOX reduction technologies.

Optimising Dry Sorbent Injection
Dr Ian Saratovsky, Gerald Hunt, and Martin Dillon, Lhoist, discuss sorbent application methods and system optimisation with regard to acid gas and mercury compliance costs.

Breaking New Ground
World Cement examines the development of a new innovation in belt construction that has been introduced into the market.

Conveyor Surveyors
Daniel Marshall, Martin Engineering, discusses conveyor safety audits.

Between Two Towers
Doppelmayr talks to World Cement about the transportation of limestone across treetops in Guatemala.

Solid Silos
Mario Scutti, SCUTTI, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various silos for bulk solids.

Brick By Brick
Lars Lindgren, Bricking Solutions, investigates how companies can take back lost profits with a bricking machine.

Chained Melody
World Cement rounds up the latest news and views from the chains sector.

5 Minutes... with Bernard Mathieu
Climate Programme Director, WCA.

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