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March 2014

The March 2014 issue of World Cement turns its attention to China and the Far East, with a regional report discussing the challenges facing the cement markets in China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Refractories and pryoprocessing, process control and automation, and bagging and packing are among the topics featured in this issue. This month’s magazine is packed with case studies and technical articles from companies such as PRÜFTECHNIK, Cinar, Refko Feuerfest GmbH, Refractarios Alfran, Starlinger and Arodo. Other not to be missed features include a tour of the Rauri and Suli plants at the Darlaghat site in Himachal Pradesh, India, owned by Ambuja Cements, and a keynote article by Jeremy Gregory of the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, USA.

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Keynote: Building Sustainability into Construction – Lifecycle, Resilience and Carbon Footprint
Jeremy Gregory, MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, USA, discusses ways in which concrete can become part of the solution for sustainable development.

Plant Tour: Darlaghat
Katherine Guenioui toured the neighbouring Rauri and Suli plants at the Darlaghat site in Himachal Pradesh, India, owned by Ambuja Cements.

Far East Memorandum
In this review, Paul Maxwell-Cook turns his attention to China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea and outlines the challenges that each country will face in 2014.

Dual Belt Scales for Custody Transfer Precision
Matt Morrissey, Siemens AG, Canada, reports on the installation and performance of dual belt scales at Longyuan Construction Group Co. Ltd in Wuhu, China.

Electrical Upgrade in Algeria
Patrick Logerot, SNEF, France, reports on the electrical upgrade of a cement plant in Meftah, Algeria.

Torque Monitoring: The Secret Weapon
Dr Edwin Becker and Mr Jose Duque, PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring GmbH, take a look at the increasing use of torque monitoring for smoother plant operation.

Reducing NOX in Cement Kilns and Calciners
Tahir Abbas, Naminda Kandamby and Shan Raza, Cinar Ltd, UK, explain the potential of inline calciner configuration to reduce kiln generated NOX.

Relieving Mechanical and Chemical Stress
Herbert Hönl, REFKO Feuerfest GmbH, Germany, presents a new generation of pre-fired, pre-shaped blocks as a solution for areas of extreme mechanical and chemical stress.

Increased Kiln Capacity Through Hot Meal Routing
Dr Hans Wilhelm Meyer and Piet Heersche, CEMCON AG, Switzerland, describe how the improvement of hot meal routing can achieve an increase in kiln capacity.

Refractory Solutions
Ignacio Recio Domínguez and Margarita Álvarez Montes, Refractarios Alfran, Spain, discuss new refractory technology and its application in cement plants.

Modernising China’s Cement Packaging Industry
Markus Grabenweger and Sigrid Eder, Starlinger & Co. GmbH, Austria, explain how innovative cement sack technology is contributing to the optimisation of cement production in China.

New Solution for Vacuum Bagging
Henk Mariën, Arodo, Belgium, discusses a new two-stage vacuum process at a packing line at a European cement plant.

Improving Paper Sack Performance
Rommel Nájera, Sacos del Atlantico, Guatemala, outline the importance of paper sack performance during the filling process.

Special Bearing Selection and Care for Harsh Environments
Claudiu Popescu, Laurentiu Ionescu and Jerry Rhodes, The Timken Company, USA, explain the significance of bearing selection and maintenance for smooth operations in severe conditions.

Measuring Under Extreme Conditions
UWT, Germany, discusses the use of level measurement technology in challenging environments in Asia.

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