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March 2013

The March issue includes a lead feature on ‘Refractory Management’, with articles covering refractory lining, installation, solving failures and thermal scanning. Consultants answer some questions on pressing issues for the cement industry in a special Q&A, while other features take a look at grinding aids and cement additives, as well as the use of nanotechnology in the construction industry. This month’s Keynote article comes from JAMCEM’s Mark Mutter, who weighs up the comparative advantages of ball mills and vertical roller mills for cement grinding. Finally, Paul Maxwell-Cook provides an overview of the cement industry in China in this month’s Regional Report.

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Guest Comment



Keynote: Cement Grinding – VRM or Ball Mill?
Mark Mutter, JAMCEM, UK, tackles the question of ball mills vs VRMs for cement grinding.You can read a preview of the article here.

Product News

15 Facts...

China’s Urbanisation Challenge
Paul Maxwell-Cook takes a look at the challenges facing China’s cement industry and its new leadership.You can read a preview of the article here.

Tailor-Made Refractory Solutions
Denis Franc, Refractory Coach at the Lafarge Europe Technical Center, France, reviews a project to solve refractory failure at the Aberthaw plant.

Faster Kiln Heat-Up
Dr Volker Wagner, Calderys Group, and Michael Louen, Calderys Deutschland GmbH, discuss the application of quick drying refractory linings to enable faster kiln heating.

Back-Up Bricks
David Datukashvili and Pavel Lebedev, Skamol RUS LLC, and Leo F. Juhl and Peter H. Trane, Skamol A/S, Denmark, discuss the benefits of rotary kiln insulation.

Work From the Bottom
Keith Post, Bricking Solutions, talks us through his wealth of experience on matters of proper refractory installation.

The Big Thermal Picture
Gildas Chauval, HGH, France, presents the benefits of a large field of view thermal scanner and a case study from the E-Sheng cement plant. 

Consultant Q&A
Recently, World Cement challenged a selection of consultants with four pressing cement industry issues. Representatives from Penta, PEG, Jamcem, CPI and Cemcon rose to the occasion.

Opening Up to Optimisation
Keith Marsay and Mike Sumner, Grace Construction Products, UK, explore the application of modern cement additives in open circuit mill systems.

Spot the Difference
P. Recchi, M. Magistri and P. Forni, Mapei Spa, Italy, outline the development of an alkanolamine-based grinding aid with low iron-staining effect.

Nanotechnology’s Strong Potential
Dr Armando García Luna discusses the applications and practicalities of nanotechnology in the construction industry.

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