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March 2010

The March issue focuses on the cement industry in North America, and includes two keynote articles from the PCA on the topics of the economy and the ramifications of the EPA’s NESHAP proposal for Portland Cement, respectively. In addition, a number of articles from North American equipment suppliers show how their technological expertise has been utilised at home and abroad.

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There is Light at the End of the Tunnel - It’s Just a Really Long Tunnel
Ed Sullivan, Chief Economist, Portland Cement Association, USA.

Proposed Portland Cement NESHAP: a Cure Worse than the Disease?
Andrew T. O’Hare, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Richard P. Bohan, Director, Manufacturing Technology, Portland Cement Association, USA.

Dynamic Growth
Details of GCC’s plants in the US and South America.

Steel Town Gets Facelift
Wes Stewart, a retired newspaper reporter and freelance writer living in Cape Breton, Canada reveals how a $400 million (Canadian) cleanup operation has infused new life into a struggling economy.

Are You a Change Competent Organisation?
Terry Jarrett, Vice President, Manufacturing Programs, Lafarge Corporate Technical Services (CTS), Canada.

Fundamentals of Crusher Selection
Eric P. Maynard, Senior Consultant, Jenike & Johanson, Inc., USA.

Driving Sustainability
Rockwell Automation, Canada.

Stone Feeder Improvements
Brian Koenig, Essroc Cement, and Ron Mesing, Quadrant EPP, USA.

Ten Years of Optimised Baghouse Performance
Alan Gully, Lafarge-Canada; Chris Polizzi, Product Specialist at W. L. Gore & Associates; and John Knotts, Technical Sales at W. L. Gore & Associates, USA.

Recovering Heat for Energy
Dr. Thomas Bürki and Thomas Börrnert, ABB Switzerland Ltd, Local Business Unit Minerals, Heat Recovery.

Advanced Cement Despatch
José N. Medina, GCC S.A. de. C.V., Mexico; Antonio Rascon, GCC Rio Grande Inc., USA; and Ralf Appenzeller and Peter Harder, IBAU HAMBURG, Germany.

Cost Savings Through Continuous Inventory Control
Scott Bonine, Director of Sales, and Chris Otte, Marketing Communications Manager, Monitor Technologies, LLC, USA.

Creating Wear Resistant Castings
Scott McNiven, Product Manager, Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc., USA.

Solutions for Severe Corrosion
Linas Mazeika, President, 3L&T Inc., USA.

Effective Unloading
Carlos Alberto Llanes Leyva, Mechanical Engineer, and Marcio B. Dessaune, Mechanical Engineer and Managing Director, Braco Consultants, Brazil.

Projects Update
Recent project news from Loesche America, Nordstrong, Bedeschi America, FLSmidth Automation and Cemex.

Value-Added Valves
Todd Loudin, Larox Flowsys, USA.

Stacking and Handling Solutions
News from Tenova Takraf and Wieland Luftechnik.

Putting Chains to the Test
Pewag austria GmbH.

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