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June 2020

The June issue of World Cement begins with a review of the Western European cement market before moving on to cover a range of technical topics, such as: Grinding & Milling, Kilns, Refractories & Thermography, Dust Control, Efficiency & Optimisation, Green Cement, and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by KIMA Process Control.

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A Watchful Eye On Western Europe
Claudia Stefanoiu, CemBR, reviews the path that the cement market in Western Europe has taken over the last 15 years and addresses the trends that could help to assess the current COVID-19 crisis.


Gearing Up For The Grind
Kenan Ilbahar, DAL Group, outlines how new cement grinding technologies could be set to increase sustainability and lengthen equipment life, while minimising the costs involved in the grinding process.


Refractory Rescue
Wouter Garot, SILICON, describes how moveable anchoring systems could benefit the refractory industry by reducing installation and repair work and offer improved corrosion resistance for refractory materials.

In Full Flow
Hans Georg Conrads, PROMECON, outlines how gas flow can be better controlled and handled in the grinding and pyro processes in order to improve the efficiency of cement production.

Getting Infra-ready
Dr. Martin Budweg, Fluke Process Instruments, outlines how rotary kiln life can be improved using Infrared Temperature Monitoring.

Bringing The Best Of Both
Dirk Schmidt, KIMA Process Control, explains how to best combine artificial intelligence and predictive advanced control for fully autonomous grinding control.


A Dusty Business
Felix Bartknecht, Torsten Rehberg and Eva Losada Barreiro, SICK AG, discuss how dust measurement devices for dry and wet flue gases have helped Norcem Kjøpsvik cement optimise production efficiency, in keeping with local emissions regulations.

The Dangers Of Dust
Olha Lyeskakova, Mideco, discusses the dust control solutions set to limit silica dust exposure at cement plants, and help prevent workers from contracting occupational dust diseases and respiratory disorders.


Smooth Sailing
Michael Tay, Rockwell Automation, outlines how machine learning can help save energy, reduce downtime, predict equipment failures, and aid in the smooth running of operations.

Save Your Energy
As global CO2 targets and cost considerations are likely to drive the cement industry to use more alternative fuels, Dr-Ing. Volker Hoenig, VDZ, discusses what this means for the industry in terms of energy demand and efficiency.

Learning The ABCs of APC
Max Tschurtschenthaler and Ryan Koorts, ABB, explain how technological developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and cloud technology are underpinning progress in advanced process control.

One Stop Shop
Tom Braxmeier and Christopher J Sweeney, FLSmidth Inc., discuss the benefits of partnering with a single supplier to manage multiple mechanical upgrades.


Giving Green Cement The Green Light
Cementos Argos discusses the construction of a new production line for calcined clays at the company’s Rioclaro plant, Colombia, and explains how the project’s environmental benefits could be set to transform the cement manufacturing process.

An Insight Into India
As the Indian cement sector continues to grow, Dr. S. B. Hegde, Udiapur Cement Works Limited, provides an overview of the current market and outlines how cement manufacturers can thrive within India’s cement industry.

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