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June 2013

The June issue is the second in our Environmental Series, looking at a range of issues from alternative fuels to filter media. You can read about mercury emissions monitoring in this month's Keynote article by John Kline, and learn about A TEC and Holcim Emerging Europe’s ReduDust project in the June cover story. Brazil is the focus of the Regional Report, with articles covering developments in the construction industry, as well as the challenges and achievements faced by the country’s cement sector since the 1970s.

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Keynote: Mercury, Cement and Measurement
John Kline, John Kline Consulting, USA, explores the cement industry’s relationship with mercury and the different means of monitoring emissions.

The Journey To A Low-Carbon World
José Otavio Carvalho, President of the National Cement Industry Association (SNIC), and Yushiro Kihara, Technology Manager of the Brazilian Portland Cement Association (ABCP), discuss the challenges and achievements of the Brazilian cement industry since the petroleum crisis in the 1970s.

Construction in Brazil: PAC 2 Paving the Way for the Future
Karen Blanford, Research Director, and Danielle Cummings, Senior Economist, Global Construction Service, IHS Global Insight, provide an overview of the construction sector in Brazil and the aims of the Growth Acceleration Programme. Read an abridged version of this article here.

Advancements in Meeting New Regulations with Activated Carbon
John Satterfield, Research Associate, Cabot Norit Activated Carbon, USA, presents results from full scale cement plant field tests in this follow up to the May 2012 article.

Cover Story: An Innovative Solution for Bypass Dust
Hans Tillian, A TEC, and Benoit Galichet, Holcim Emerging Europe, outline the ReduDust Project.

Legal Background
Martin Oerter, VDZ, Research Institute of the Cement Industry, describes current European legal requirements regarding the use of alternative fuels in the cement industry. Read an abridged version of this article here.

Processing Alternatives
Dr Hubert Baier, Vecoplan FuelTrack GmbH, Germany, talks us through alternative fuel systems for pre-processing and cement plants.

Analysing the Impact of Alternative Fuels
R. M. Sahu, M. Kuchya, A. Sadangi and Subrato Chowdhury, UltraTech Cement Limited – Central R&D, India, report on the influence of fuel mix composition on clinker microstructure and mechanical properties.

Sustainability: A Journey, Not A Destination
Dr Adrian Vaida, Independent Sustainability Researcher, analyses how CSI member companies are reporting their commitment to sustainability.

Turning to Technology
Paula Bickers, Donaldson Membranes, explains how filter media can contribute to energy cost savings and enhanced productivity.

Dolomite: An Alternative Cement Constituent?
Martyn Whitehead and Stefan Schöne, HeidelbergCement Technology Center GmbH, Germany, outline the company’s investigations into the use of dolomite and dolomitic limestone in cement production.

Determining Carbon and Sulfur Content
Dr Andre Klostermeier, Eltra GmbH, Germany, reports on the analysis of carbon and sulfur by elemental analysers using combustion technology.

A Universal Fusion/XRF Solution for Cement Materials
Mathieu Bouchard, John A. Anzelmo, and Sebastien Rivard, Corporation Scientifique Claisse®, and Alexander Seyfarth, Larry Arias, Kai Behrens and Soodabeh Durali-Müller, Bruker-AXS, discuss a raw materials XRF application for the cement industry using a universal borate fusion methodology.

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