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June 2012

The June issue is dedicated to environmental topics, with articles covering a range of subjects, such as quarry rehabilitation, dedusting, improving energy efficiency and innovations in sustainable development. Turkey and MENA are the subject of this month’s regional report, whilst the ‘Hillhead Preview’ provides an introduction to a selection of exhibitors at Hillhead 2012. Paul Maxwell-Cook’s Industry Insight focuses on ports, offering an overview of cement terminal projects around the world.

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Paul Maxwell-Cook’s Industry Insight: Ports Review 2012
Paul Maxwell-Cook provides news and updates on recent cement terminal projects around the world.

MENA and Turkey: New Skyscrapers in the Cement Industry
Shushmul Maheshwari, RNCOS, Russia, presents an overview of the cement sector in the MENA region and Turkey.

Exploring Sustainability in a Growing Market
Hakan Gürdal, Akçansa, Turkey, outlines the company’s sustainability efforts and provides a summary of the Turkish cement industry.

Increasing Presence in the UAE
The Overseas Development Company of Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd, China, offers a case study on a production line project in the UAE.

The Challenges Facing Quarry Restoration
Sharon Bracken, Director of Keystone Ecology, gives a UK perspective on challenges of an ecological nature.

Evolving from Landscape Rehabilitation to Biodiversity
Alexandra Silva and Pedro Salgueiro, Secil, Portugal, provide a case study on the rehabilitation of the quarrying areas at the Secil-Outão Plant.

A Global Sustainability Project
Mafalda Correia and Paulo Rocha, Cimpor Group, discuss quarry rehabilitation policy and how this has been implemented at different sites worldwide.

Encouraging Biodiversity Conservation
HeidelbergCement discusses the Quarry Life Award, an international research competition to find new ideas for the conservation and promotion of species diversity in quarries and gravel pits.

Sustainability: Explained
Dr. Adrian Vaida, Independent Sustainability Researcher, Australia, places the cement industry’s specific efforts and initiatives on the sustainability map.

Better Bag Cleaning
Prof. Carlo Osnaghi, Politecnico di Milano, and Matteo Giavazzi, Boldrocchi s.r.l., Italy, provide their results from a study on how to improve efficiency and reduce costs through air jet bag filter cleaning optimisation.

Converting Bypass Waste
Wilfred Zieri, A TEC, Austria, discusses a new technology that can convert bypass dust into a valuable raw material for the cement industry.

Oxygen Enhanced Earnings
Stefan Laux, Praxair Inc., Joaquin de Diego, Praxair Euroholding S.L. and Dirk Oberschelp, Praxair Deutschland GmbH, demonstrate the cost savings and environmental benefits of improved alternative fuel combustion with oxygen.

Heat Regeneration
Scheuch GmbH, Austria, introduces a new concept to effectively utilise process heat in clinker cooler dedusting.

Modernising the Dedusting Process
Stan Masny, KREISEL GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, delivers a case study on removing dust from the rotary kiln by upgrading an electrostatic precipitator to a bag filter.

Calculating Optimum Operating Point
Theo Schrooten, Tim Neuhaus, Kristina Knop and Astrid Kögel, Intensiv-Filter GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, present a new tool to aid energy efficient filter plants.

Captive Power Plant ESP Upgrades in the Cement Industry
Yatindra K Nadkarni, Director, Maxim Associates, India, shows that it is possible to upgrade ESPs to achieve required performance standards.

Energy Efficient Power Generation
Neil Li and Wendy Wei, Camco, China, discuss waste heat recovery and utilisation for China’s largest cement group.

Hillhead 2012
A preview of a selection of exhibitors at Hillhead 2012, 19 – 21 June, Buxton, UK.

Sucking Up
Charles de Haan, on behalf of the DISAB Group, Sweden, discusses managing dust and spillage issues at cement plants.

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