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June 2011

This month, World Cement publishes its second Special Environmental Issue of the year. The issue focuses on filtration, dedusting and quarry rehabilitation, including articles from Holcim, Cemex and Intensiv-Filter. The issue also includes an update on innovative new cement and concrete technologies in the article ‘Innovations in Sustainable Development’, as well as Paul Maxwell-Cook’s Industry Insight on Oceania. Finally, this month’s regional report includes articles from Turkey and an update on industry developments in Egypt and the Mashreq countries, following recent political upheaval in the region.

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Oceanian Observations
Paul Maxwell-Cook’s Industry Insight: A look at some of the current and recent developments affecting the cement industry in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

Impact of an Uprising
How has the cement market in Egypt been affected by recent events?

Turkish Delight in Sustainability
Hakan Gürdal, Akçansa, Turkey.

Optimisation at Iskenderun
Ismail Yüksek, Plant Manager, OYAK Adana Cement Iskenderun Facilities Inc., Turkey.

From Quarry to Tree Nursery
Dr Michael Rademacher, Manager Biodiversity and Natural Resources, HeidelbergCement.

Milton’s New Forest
Holcim Canada illustrates successful reforestation and rehabilitation at the Milton quarry.

The Sound of Change
Gerhard Hefter, Südbayerisches Portland-Zementwerk, and Tilo Kopetzky, Siemens, Germany

Reducing Electric Power Consumption
Corinne Prince-Fields, GE Energy’s Filtration Technologies, Robert Kniss, Southern California Edison, and Tim Ruegg and Ken Cross, OnSite Energy, USA.

Curtailing Cement’s Carbon Footprint
Eduardo Gallestey, Rolf Hoppler, and Thomas Börrnert, ABB, Switzerland.

The First Global Carbon Footprint Tool
Cemex sheds light on its carbon footprint tool, which allows the company to measure its products’ emissions.

The Journey Towards Sustainable Construction
Jon Woodhead, Two Tomorrows Group, UK.

Optimising Filter Design
Christian Straif, General Manager Industrial Minerals, Scheuch GmbH, Austria.

Cementing Partnerships
Donaldson Membranes and Jack Filter Produktions GmbH advise on how to achieve peak environmental performance.

Dusting Off the Competition
Shekhar Joshi, Intensiv-Filter India and Astrid Kögel, Intensiv-Filter GmbH & Co. KG.

Ready for the Future
Georg Rathwallner on behalf of Evonik Fibres, Austria.

Forward Filtering
Ernst Rohner, Director Global Process & Application Technology, BWF Envirotec, Germany.

Innovations in Sustainable Development
An update on the development of new types of cement, concrete, and new manufacturing technologies from the major players and from new entrants to the industry.

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