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February 2021

The February issue of World Cement begins with a review of the South-East Asian construction sector by GlobalData. The issue then moves on to cover a range of topics, including Loading, Unloading & Dispatch, Bagging, Packing & Palletising, Burner Design, Alternative Fuels, Online Sampling & Analysis, and more.

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Assessing South-East Asia
Dhananjay Sharma, GlobalData, explains how the South-East Asian construction industry has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ditching The Dust
Kevin R Peterson, Vortex Global, outlines how cement producers can utilise telescoping loading spouts to help mitigate the creation of airborne dust produced in the material loading process.


On Track With The Right Sack
Sigrid Eder-Ince, Starlinger, explains how cement producers could experience higher efficiency, dust prevention and cost-savings in cement filling, handling, and storage through the use of high-quality sacks.

Perfect Packing
Graham Rawlings, Concetti S.p.A, presents a US case study on the supply of an automatic plant for packaging cement, and explains why using PE film bags can help reduce product waste, provide a longer shelf life and encourage more flexible stock management.

Resisting The Rain
Reinhold Wiednig, Mondi, discusses the conversion of sack kraft paper into high-strength, sustainable, water resistant cement bags for Adelaide Brighton Cement.


Challenging The Unseen With CFD
R Favalli, Y Yu, R Hassold and J Maia, FCT Combustion, and R Jánsky, Cemmac AS, discuss how CFD simulation can provide important and otherwise unseen insights into a combustion environment, and how it ultimately helped optimise the performance of a new burner design for Cemmac.

The Burning Question: World Cement Q&A
World Cement invited two of the world’s leading equipment suppliers, Fives Pillard & thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, to share their insights and expertise on burner technology.


Material Monitoring
Henry Kurth, Scantech International, outlines when and under which circumstances sampling or online analysis should be used to monitor the quality of quarried and processed materials and products.


Kept Under Wraps
Panu Kantosalo, Cross Wrap, outlines how automatic bale wrapping can help maintain the calorific value and condition of alternative fuels, whilst allowing them to be easily transported and stored.


A TRUE First
Titan Florida explains how the company’s Pennsuco plant became the first cement plant in the world to earn the highest level of certification available under the TRUE rating system for zero waste.

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