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February 2018

The February issue takes a look at China with articles on the Chinese construction sector from economist Scott Taylor of the Timetric Construction Intelligence Centre and on the Chinese cement industry from the experts at the Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials of China. Technical features include clinker cooling, air pollution control, cement analysis, level measurement and flow control, and bagging and packing. We also interview Lee Young, the cofounder and Executive Chairman of materials handling specialist, Vortex.

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The Expanding Chinese Construction Empire
Scott Taylor, Timetric Construction Intelligence Centre, makes his predictions for the construction industry in China.

Cement in China
Cui Yuansheng, Jiang Yongfu, and Xu Rong, Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials of China, provide a review of 2017 and expectations for 2018.

Solving the Red River Challenge
Mogens Fons, Fons Technology International, describes the application of walking-floor clinker cooler technology at the Narli cement plant in Turkey.

Utilising IIOT in Cement Production
Jeff DeNigris, Malvern Panalytical, addresses the increasingly prominent role of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Exploring a Range of Options
Loran T. Schmidt and Paulo Oliveira, Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC, examine the best methods of meeting newer particulate control requirements in cement kilns.

Success on a Huge Scale
Georg Lechner, SCHEUCH, describes the installation of the company’s EMC technology at a Thai cement plant.

Knowing your TCO
Chris Polizzi, W.L. Gore & Associates Inc., advises on how to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership in process baghouses.

Powering on in Extremes
Anja Leipold, Menzel Elektromotoren, looks at what to do when standard motor solutions just won’t do for a cement plant.

Furnace, Furnace, Burning Bright
Robert Prior, Carbolite Gero, provides an overview of oven and furnace requirements in cement testing.

Sample Preparation and XRF Analyses
Frederic Davidts and Pascal Deprez, XRF Scientific, explain why sample preparation is a key step to ensuring that XRF analyses are effective.

The Times, They Are A’Changing
Michael Enders, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, investigates the impact of minor volatile species during the clinkering process.

Building a Leader
Lee Young, cofounder and Executive Chairman of Vortex, talks with World Cement.

Level Measurement in China
Armin Waibel, UWT GmbH, discusses the level measurement solutions at use on some Chinese cement plants.

Getting Smarter
Todd Loudin, Flowrox, encourages the cement industry to take a smarter, more pro-active approach to integrating technology when investing in new equipment.

When Quality Matters
Matt Morrissey, Siemens AG, makes the case for looking beyond the price tag when choosing weighing equipment.

Water-Repellent Paper Sacks
Mondi Industrial Bags discusses the next generation of water-repellent paper sacks.

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