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Editorial comment

My big January sales purchase for myself was a new winter coat. It was expensive, but it rained almost non-stop for three weeks after I bought it and I wore it every day. I like to think of such expenses in terms of cost versus value. To me, the coat has already provided a significant return on investment, though such things are difficult to quantify.

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Some things are easier to measure. If you’re building a cement plant, there are obvious cost pressures. Hundreds of millions of pounds change hands and though, no doubt, there will be temptations to opt for the cheapest solution, the old adage could well apply: buy cheap, buy twice. Mistakes in the original design of a plant can be incredibly costly once that plant is in operation, whether the mistake is noticed during commissioning, resulting in a delayed entrance to the market, or later on, when disappointed customers could take their business elsewhere. It is always worth scanning these pages to look for the equipment and provider that is going to provide you with the best possible value for money.

End users face the same cost pressures when specifying their projects. Asphalt has been called the cheaper option for road construction, but research has shown that concrete lasts longer and provides a more environmentally friendly road surface. For the most part, public funds are used to build those roads and I’m sure we’d all agree that our taxes should be used as cost-effectively as possible – and for a solution that is a) not going to make me late for work because of maintenance to the road (or my car!) and b) reducing the environmental impact of my journeys.

When it comes to value for money, World Cement wants to give both readers and advertisers more. That’s why we constantly update our content to reflect the issues that matter to you. It’s why we bring you insightful editorial from the leading minds in the industry. It’s what sees us travelling the globe visiting cement plants to bring you plant tours from some of the most advanced facilities in the world. It’s why the magazine has continuously been in print since 1928 and why we reach the biggest audited circulation of any industry magazine. That’s our success story – why not shout about the things you’re good at? In the articles and advertisements on the following pages, you can read the success stories of cement producers, equipment manufacturers and service providers who have completed projects and developed technology that is moving the cement industry forward. Our brief is simple: describe a challenge faced within the industry, and how it was overcome. If you have a similar story to share, please do get in touch.