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December 2009

The December issue includes three articles detailing energy saving initiatives taken by North American cement companies under guidance from the US EPA. We then look at kiln and clinker cooler repair, maintenance and replacement, which gives you a taste of what to expect from the January issue. The issue concludes with articles from burner manufacturers, which outline how to save money and optimise performance by choosing the right tool for the job.

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Energy Management: A Success Story
Dr. George Pantazopoulos, VP Corporate Engineering, Daniel Crowley, VP Operations, Pennsuco Cement, and Kevin Baird, Plant Manager, Roanoke Cement.

Engaging the US Cement Industry to Improve Energy Performance
Elizabeth Dutrow, US Environmental Protection Agency, Gale Boyd, Duke University, Ernst Worrell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Lew Dodendorf, Salt River Materials Group.

Paving the Way
Steve Coppinger, P.E., Director, Energy Services – CalPortland Company, USA.

GGBS and Reducing Global Warming - the Albedo Effect
Peter Seymour, Business Development Director, and David O’Flynn, Business Development Manager, Ecocem Ireland Ltd, and Ciara O’Connor, Environmental Services Manager, EmissionZero Ltd.

Bye Bye Tubes
Andre Vos, Claudius Peters, Germany.

Scanning Success
Maurice Idoux, HGH Systems Infrarouges, France.

Refractory Strategies for the 21st Century
Chris Macey, Resco Products Inc., USA.

Be Prepared
Coleen Machiel Burdge, Bricking Solutions, USA.

Complex Cooling
Christoph Lange, VP for Sales and Service, IKN USA Inc.

Preventative Maintenance Solutions
Dr. Gary Heath, Castolin Eutectic.

Burners for Kilns and Calciners - Part 1: Kiln Burners
Tahir Abbas, Michail Akritopoulos and Tom Lowes, Cinar Ltd, UK.

Learning to Burn
Christian Helmreich, Unitherm, Austria.

Research, Refining and Realisation
Enrico Barberis, Sales Manager, Terruzzi Fercalx S.P.A, Italy.

Burning Bright
The technology behind the successful DUOFLEX G2 kiln burner is explained.

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