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August 2020

The August issue of World Cement begins with a comprehensive review of the state of Latin America’s cement industry. The issue then moves on to cover a range of topics, including: Grinding & Milling, Air Pollution Control, Alternative Fuels, Maintenance and more.

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Latin America: Coping With COVID-19
World Cement Contributing Editor, Paul Maxwell-Cook, outlines the impact of the pandemic on a struggling region.


Vertical Thinking
Elkin Rodriguez, Mike Saeger, Sonny Cruz, and Nikhil R. Mootoor, Argos USA, discuss the process of producing ASTM C150 TIII on one of cement grinding’s latest innovations.

Keeping Up The Quality
CEMTEC shows how the implementation of an online particle size analyser at CEMEX’s Rudniki plant in Poland has helped to improve cement quality and reduce energy consumption.

Staying Motorvated
Mathis Menzel, Menzel Elektromotoren, presents a case study on the supply of a motor for a cement plant operator in the UAE and discusses what motor suppliers can do to ensure high availability of mills and other machines.


A Friend To The Environment
K.P. Schloeder and S. Schmid, Dyckerhoff GmbH, and M. Giavazzi and L. Maiocchi, Boldrocchi Srl, show how two companies joined forces to implement a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system at the Deuna cement plant in order to reduce NOsub>x in the cement kilns.

Becoming Net Zero Heroes
Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer outlines how the UK cement industry can accelerate the decarbonisation process and contribute to ‘net zero’ emissions goals.

Dare To Compare
Eng. Salvatore Gallo, Redecam USA, LLC, weighs up the pros and cons of the technologies designed to tackle NOx emissions.


Going Green
Lars Jennissen, N+P, considers some of the latest developments in the alternative fuels market.

Committed To The Cause
ResourceCo outlines its efforts to provide cleaner energy solutions to companies in South East Asia, and explains how to utilise previously non-recyclable industrial waste as fuel.

Fighting Off The Flames
Thomas Huber and Stefan Scheiflinger-Ehrenwerth, Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH, and Andreas Säumel, Mayer Recycling GmbH, present a fire prevention system designed to combat the high fire risk involved in the processing of solid recovered fuels (SRFs).


Predictions For Profit
John H. Ross, Ross Kiln Maintenance, outlines why cement companies should take a proactive approach to plant maintenance and explains how this could allow them to become ‘Profit Contributors’ rather than ‘Cost Centres’.


Cold Clinker Isn’t Enough
Carlos Fernandez, SATAREM, explains how the objectives of successful clinker cooling are more complicated than simply achieving cold clinker at the cooler outlet.


World Cement Editor, David Bizley, provides an overview of some of the leading German cement equipment manufacturers.


Iranian Origins
Vahid Peyravi, Fars Cement Company, provides a history of one of the oldest cement plants in Iran.

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