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August 2011

This month, the theme is Pyroprocessing. Topics include Cement and Lime Kilns, Preheater and Precalciner Technology, as well as Refractory Management. The issue also includes a Global Shipping Update from Peter Sand at BIMCO, as well as Paul Maxwell-Cook’s Industry Insight on Iraq: ‘Rebuilding the Foundations’. Finally, this month’s regional report includes articles on Sub-Saharan Africa from IHS Global Insight, HeidelbergCement Africa and more. And don’t miss our new feature ’15 Facts On...’ which this month should enhance your knowledge of the Sub-Saharan region of Africa.  

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Inside Insight

Cement News

Product News

15 Facts On... Sub-Saharan Africa
Paul Maxwell-Cook’s Industry Insight: Rebuilding the Foundations A look at the seldom reported picture of Iraq’s recovery, its implications for infrastructure restorations, foreign investment and future outlook.

Economic Progress in SSA
Karanta Kalley, IHS Global Insight, USA, assesses the economic rebound in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Time for Africa
Jean-Marc Junon, COO of HeidelbergCement Africa, takes us through Sub-Sahara’s cement history and outlook.

Emergency Response
Martin Linkemann reports on EMZ’s prompt solution to a plant’s motor failure only one month after start-up.

Global Shipping Update
Peter Sand, BIMCO, Denmark, provides an update on shipping trends in light of rising oil prices, natural disasters and supply-demand scenarios.

Potentials of AFR Co-Processing
Dr. Hubert Baier And Karl Menzel, Vecoplan Fueltrack GmbH, Germany, identify important elements of preprocessing and co-processing alternative fuels and raw materials.

A New Line
Wolfgang Freimann, A TEC, Austria, introduces the company’s latest cement technology in place at Leube Cement.

Biomass Intake for Power Utilities and CHP Plants
Jens Kellersmann, Aumund Group, Germany, takes examples from other industries to show how biomass can be utilised for kiln firing if handled properly.

Upgrading the White Capacity
Erdal Arac, Oyak Adana Cement Inc., Turkey, describes the kiln no. 3 project, in which the kiln was converted for dual-production of white and grey clinker.

Chemical Applications
Terruzzi Fercalx, Italy, has been updating its lime kilns for chemical application. Enrico Barberis explains.

Insight into the Inner Workings of the Calciner
Michail P. Akritopoulos and Tahir Abbas, Cinar Ltd, UK, discuss the reduction of CO emissions in calciners through the removal of flow stratification with the aid of MI-CFD analysis.

Getting a Nose in Front
David Moore, Wahl Refractory Solutions, USA, discusses refractories in special applications in the cement process.

In the Line of Fire
Herbert Hönl, Refko Feuerfest, Germany, Belen Caballero and Eduardo Diez del Sel, Reyma Materiales Refractarios, Spain, discuss monolithic material and lining solutions for cement plants with a high mechanical and chemical stress caused by increasing amounts of secondary and/or alternative fuels.

Worked Up Over Wear?
Werner Dücker, Th. Scholten Gmbh, Germany, presents a cost-effective solution against wear in the cement industry.

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