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April 2020

The April issue of World Cement is now available! This issue begins with a Regional Report focused on Sub-Saharan Africa before moving on to our cover story from FLSmidth, which explains how the US cement industry can adapt to reduce its emissions output. The issue then covers a range of cement industry topics, such as: Materials Handling, Silo-cleanout & Air Cannons, Gears, Drives & Lubrication, Waste Heat Recovery, and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by FLSmidth.

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Included in the April issue:
The World Cement North America supplement - view your free issue here.



A Sub-Saharan Scenario
Commissioning Editor, Paul Maxwell-Cook, presents an overview of selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Connecting A Continent
Yasmine Ghozzi, GlobalData, discusses how the development of transport corridors in Africa will spur economic growth.

US Cement Standards: Accelerating The Green Transition
In the battle to limit the temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2100 everything counts. Globally, including in the US, this issue is gaining increasing attention – Robert Shenk, FLSmidth, explains how the cement industry is part of the solution.

Up For Rent
Matt Piedmonte, Aerzen, outlines how to avoid the most common errors made when renting equipment to replace permanently installed blowers or low-pressure compressors.

Case Enclosed
Brandon Fultz, Sweet Manufacturing Company, outlines how the use of enclosed belt conveyors could help to minimise dust and reduce product loss in high capacity concrete facilities.

Time To Get Online
Mondi Paper Bags explains how digital platforms can make the ordering process work more efficiently and transparently, resulting in improved information sharing, convenience and productivity.

Testing The Water
Ricardo Gonzalez, GlobBulk, discusses the logistics of efficient cement plant capacity expansion using waterways.

Paper Versus Plastic
Catherine Kerninon, EUROSAC, and Kennert Johansson, CEPI Eurokraft, discuss the results of a recent study by Sintef which investigated the shelf life of paper and plastic cement sacks.

A Helping Hand
Laurent Moret, Standard Industrie, outlines the benefits of equipment designed to improve efficiency, production and safety in bulk handling.

The Benefit Of Retrofit
IGS discusses the advantages of retrofitting air cannons over replacing the equipment entirely.

Squeaky Clean
Pierre-Marie Maurice, Total Lubrifiants, explains how downtime and production loss can be avoided when cleaning open-gears in cement plants.

Waste Not, Want Not
Gilles David, Enertime SA, and Evgueni Touliankine Occora, SAS, explain why ORC-based waste heat recovery technology is seeing a surge in demand.

Beating The Heat
Sabrina Santarossa, Turboden, explains how ORC technology works as an efficient waste heat recovery method and how it could help contribute to a greener cement production process.

On The Road To Recovery
M. Rovetta, CTP Team, highlights the benefits of waste heat recovery systems and discusses a range of applications.

Taking The Temperature
Christopher Leonard, AMETEK Land, looks at the importance of temperature measurement in cement manufacturing.

Rewriting The Rules On Cement
Tony Sheridan, DB Group, discusses the benefits of low-carbon cement alternatives and why they may be the answer to improving the strength and durability of the material.

Set For Success
Nohman Mahmud explains the process of cement hydration and how to optimise CONCRETE setting time, workability and water demand.

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