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December 2022

The Winter issue of Dry Bulk Magazine is out now! Don’t miss our latest special report on ‘The Dry Bulk World’ by DBX, a Q&A on Bulk Storage with Mole•Master, as well as our latest offering of technical articles on: Conveyors & Dust Control; Software, Automation & IT; Decarbonisation; and Shiploading, Unloading & Transhipments.

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Guest Comment


The Dry Bulk World
Carlo Robiati, Alexandre Claude, Rachna Rana, Giorgos Gerakakis, and Steven Devery, DBX, review the current state of the dry bulk industry, provide some critical supply chain analysis, and emphasise the importance of data to paving the industry’s way forward.

Due Diligence Dust Suppression
Melton White, Mideco, Australia, evaluates the importance of dust suppression in material handling, and presents one particular technology as a solution to reduce dust exposure.

Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail
Eddie McGee, Ajax Equipment, UK, discusses the importance of understanding the total cost of ownership when procuring solids handling equipment.

Moving In A New Direction
Mike Abare, Magnum Systems, USA, explores how conveyor systems can be used effectively in the transfer of products, and advises on the best process for starting a new project.

Keeping Up With Ports’ Evolving Fire Risks
Holger Pfriem, Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection, Sweden, investigates the rising fire risks linked to the shipping industry’s development, and shares how understanding these risks can protect lives, save costs, and reduce operational downtime.

Using Managed Transportation To Avoid Disruption
Ken Sherman and Brian Cupp, IntelliTrans, USA, outline the factors currently causing disruption to the US dry bulk industry and offer a technological solution.

Bulk Storage Q&A
Luke Berg and Dan Bruenderman, Mole•Master, USA, answer some key questions regarding bulk storage in the dry bulk industry.

Stepping Up Sustainable Shipping Solutions
ClassNK considers how expanding portfolios of GHG emissions-management solutions are supporting bulker carrier owner and operator efforts to enhance vessel energy efficiency in line with the latest decarbonisation requirements.

Elevating Operations
Andreas Magnusson, Alimak, Sweden, describes the benefits of using industrial rack and pinion elevator technology in ports and shipyards.

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