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Russia’s Lipetskcement and Pikalevsky cement see rise in shipments

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Russia’s Lipetskcement, part of the Eurocement Group, has released its results for June 2013 and 1H13. In June alone, cement production increased 23.5% y/y to 186 040 t. Around 89 220 t of this was the company’s I 42.5 H (HRC 500D0) brand, 154.3% higher than the amount produced in June 2012.

In the first six months of the year, cement production grew by 27.7% y/y to 631 180 t. Shipments were also up on 1H12, with rail shipments rising by 52.1% y/y to 428 539 t and road shipments reaching 5586 t.

Pikalevsky cement

Also part of Russia’s Eurocement Group, Pikalevsky cement has reported positive results for June 2013. Production of cement increased by 0.3% y/y to 192 500 t, while clinker production was up 13.7% y/y to 132 700 t. Total shipments grew to 195 500 t in June, a rise of 1.9% compared to the corresponding period in 2012. Within this, shipments of bagged cement increased by 27.3% and bulk sales of cement were up 0.05%.

In 1H13 Pikalevsky cement produced 427 700 t of limestone, approximately 53.3% greater than the amount produced in 1H12.

“The company plans to continue to steadily strengthen its position in the cement market through increased production and shipment of cement, stable product quality, as well as investments in the production and development of its resource base,” stated Sergei Morozov, Deputy General Director–Technical Director of Pikalevsky cement.

Adapted from press release by Louise Fordham.

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