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Eurocement presents plans for new Russian cement plant

World Cement,

A new plant

On 21 September 2012, the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, was presented with Eurocement plans for the construction of a modern cement plant in the village of Spasskoe in the Blagodarnenskiy District of Stavropol. The project was first established within the framework of the XI International Investment Forum ‘Sochi-2012’. This plant’s capacity is planned to be 1.3 million tpa and will cost an estimated RUB15 billion.

The priorities of the project are security, environmental protection and the protection of workforce health and that of the citizens of neighbouring areas. The plant will be equipped with innovative dry cement production technology, as well as energy-saving technologies that will be introduced in order to ensure that construction and operation parameters meet the highest international environmental standards. The plant will employ up to 400 people and will create up to 1000 new jobs.

Governor of the Stavropol region, Valery Zerenkov who submitted the project for the cement plant construction to the Prime Minister, said, “There are many plants in the Stavropol region producing materials for the construction industry, and yet cement is an exception. Here in the forum, a draft of the construction of the first cement plant in the Stavropol region has been presented. This plant will completely satisfy the needs of our region in terms of cement. The construction industry in the Stavropol region will be able to build bigger, better and cheaper. It is very important to meet the challenges of the construction industry in the region to increase the availability of high-quality housing for Stavropol residents. Now the Stavropol region is working on preparations of an application for investments in the construction works and commissioning of the infrastructure of the project, and then the main phase of construction begins.”

Construction of this new cement plant will facilitate infrastructure development across the Stavropol region, promoting the development of a wide range of industrial sectors, and increasing the area’s attractiveness.

President of Eurocement Group, Mikhail Skorokhod said, “The objective of the ‘Eurocement Group’ Holding is to reduce the cost of cement production at the same time maintaining compliance with the highest standards of product quality and conformity of production of the world’s environmental requirements. Our goal is to provide the construction industry in Russia with high quality cement, thus reducing the cost of construction of affordable housing and infrastructure of any purpose.” 

The numbers

Capacity – 3500 tpd of clinker (1.3 million tpa of cement).
Total area of plant – 40 hectares.
The number of production facilities – about 30.
Turnover – 1.5 million tpa.
Power consumption – 35 MW.
Electricity consumption – 105 kWh/t of cement.
Gas consumption– 103 million m³/year.
Restrictions on dust emissions – 20 mg/Nm3.
Volume of investments – RUB15 billion.
Project implementation period – 3 years.
Payback period – 7 years.
Expected tax revenues – more than RUB350 million/pa.

Adapted from press release by Jack Davidson.

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