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Lego-style concrete bricks: a new approach to construction?

World Cement,

Kite Bricks is developing the Smart brick, which it claims ‘is the solution for building from Africa to Manhattan’. The bricks, which are covered by issued and pending US patents, are high-strength concrete blocks that are designed to fit together in a manner reminiscent of Lego® pieces.

The bricks are made-to-order in terms of shape, size and finish, allowing for a less cost and labour-intensive construction process, in addition to a building site that is apparently quieter and with less debris. The construction process does not require scaffolding or cranes, as the bricks can be taken up in an elevator onsite. The blocks are designed with open internal spaces for insulation and infrastructure elements to be run through the bricks.

According to Kite Bricks, the Smart Brick is suitable for buildings, houses and bridges. In addition to the benefits described above, the developers list the brick’s other advantages as:

  • Construction cost reduction: up to 50% savings of the total expenses associated with building an 8-storey building.
  • Lower energy costs: the brick’s design allows for greater thermal energy control.
  • Resilience: its material (high strength concrete) and design have been developed to withstand the stresses of extreme weather and earthquakes.

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