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KHD carries out successful performance test in Russia

World Cement,

In December 2011, ZAB Zementanlagenbau GmbH Dessau, a subsidiary of KHD Humboldt Wedag GmbH, carried out a successful performance test of the 3000 tpd rotary kiln plant that was recently constructed on a greenfield in Novotroizk, Russia, at the JUGPK company.

In addition to the raw materials usually used for producing clinker, limestone and clay, a large percentage of blastfurnace slag is processed at this kiln plant. The slag is accumulated as waste in the nearby steel complex, where it is piled up in huge quantities.

Although this slag has already undergone thermal treatment, it still contains residual organic and combustible components. The presence of the organic and combustible residue in the slag results in a lower demand for purchased fuel during the clinker production process. Additionally, the use of precalcined slag as a replacement for some of the raw material results in decreased heat consumption and, in-turn, lower CO2 emissions.

In this performance test, the following results were achieved:

  • Clinker production: 3000 tpd (guaranteed); 3023 tpd (achieved).
  • Specific electrical power consumption: 15 kWh/t (guaranteed); 13.2 kWh/t (achieved).
  • Specific heat consumption: 2993 kJ/kg clinker (guaranteed); 2495 kJ/kg clinker (achieved). 715 kJ/kg clinker (guaranteed); 596 kJ/kg clinker (achieved).
  • Clean gas particle concentration at the ESP kiln/preheater:
  1. In combined operation: < 30 mg/Nm3 (guaranteed); 2.26 mg/Nm3 (achieved).
  2. In direct operation: < 30 mg/Nm3 (guaranteed); 18.6 mg/Nm3 (achieved).
  • Clean gas particle concentration at clinker cooler: < 30 mg/Nm3 (guaranteed); 1 mg/Nm3 (achieved).

The measured clean gas particle concentration in the exhaust air was significantly lower than the standard values applicable in Russia for new plants.

KHD scope of delivery

The scope of delivery, with regard to KHD products and services, extends from raw material storage and preparation, to clinker production, cement production and storage, cement loading (including packing services), all associated dust removal systems, as well as the automation and control station technology.

The 3 kiln line is provided with the following core equipment with KHD design:

  • Roller Press RP 13 – 170/140 with V- separator and static LS- separator.
  • 5-stage preheater with Pyroclon® R- calciner and tertiary air duct.
  • Two-tyre Pyrorapid® rotary kiln Ø 4.4 m x 52 m long, with Pyro-Jet® burner.
  • Pyrofloor® clinker cooler with 73 m2 cooling surface and clinker crusher.
  • All system fans.

The cement grinding system is provided with the following core equipment with KHD design:

  • Ball mill Ø 5.0 m x 14.5 m, power capacity 6000 kW.
  • High efficiency separator SKS-Z 3250.
  • System fan.

The guaranteed values of the throughput rate for the cement grinding system have already been verified for the customer, JUGPK.

The following result was achieved. Cement grinding system throughput rate at a fineness of 3300 cm2/g: 155 tph (guaranteed); 168 tph (achieved).

JUGPK has commissioned a second kiln line from KHD/ZAB that is identical to the first and will run in parallel. This second kiln line is currently being assembled, and it is expected to be brought into service in the second half of this year.

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