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UV powered pathway to save on UK energy bills

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Using pioneering re-surfacing methodology, Pro-Teq Surfacing UK Ltd has developed a solution to high local and national government energy bills: STARPATH, the energy efficient alternative to street lighting.

Following an extensive period of chemical trials, the surfacing company has developed and patented a world first for spraying a liquid based product in combination with either soft or hard media. The new technology is currently being trialled in Christ’s Pieces park, Cambridge. The pathway measures 150 square metres, took 30 minutes to spray the material on, and the surface was ready for use less than four hours after the job commenced. One of the key advantages of STARPATH is its cost-effectiveness, being cheap to both install and maintain. Furthermore the product may be applied to any existing solid surface, including concrete, tarmac and timber. The aggregate material absorbs energy from UV rays during the day, which is then released at night, allowing the particles to glow.

The surfacing solution has considerable environmental appeal beyond the reduction in council energy bills. It eliminates the substantial cost of removal and disposal of the existing surface, reducing the council carbon footprint. It is a sustainable surface, perfect for cyclist and disabled access and has a high safety margin with its anti-slip properties. The aggregate is additionally a non-reflective light source, the lack of any glare off the surface further enhances its acceptance in more populated residential areas.

Hamish Scott, Owner of Pro-Teq Surfacing UK Ltd stated, “This product adjusts to the natural light, so if it is pitch black outside the luminous natural earth enhances, and if the sky is lighter, it won’t release as much luminosity – it adjusts accordingly, its almost like it has a mind of its own.”

Pro-Teq’s website further details how its re-surfacing solution works, and the technology behind it.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling.

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